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Why Should You Look for a Third Party BIM Management Support?

Published: 07/04/2020

Country: United States

Seeking a third party BIM management support covers several responsibilities, making space for valuable staffing resources. Taking the help of a third party BIM Company, you can get the shared BIM expertise of a consulting team.  As a result of which, you can focus on business development and client service instead of devoting time to software deployment. Moreover, you can boost the productivity of BIM staff and can win new business.

The right BIM associate is the key to successful outsourcing. A competent BIM management service should be capable of providing strategic and technical support, including:

·         Tactical Assistance daily – If a firm is not able to provide valuable time with the employees, the outsourcing of BIM resources can help you deal with vital tasks.  Several services require quick answers to technical questions, creating content like standards documentation, style development, software configuration as well as deployment. 

·         Support for in-house BIM managers – Several AEC firms have BIM managers to deal with various works. Outsourcing a BIM management company helps in making strategic projects like evaluating BIM usage in the firm, with tactical initiatives, like training employees to customize BIM software and high-priority work.

·         Access to the best practices of the industry -  Hiring a competent BIM consulting firm provides support in implementing BIM standards and best practices of the industry.

·         Customized solutions - The competent BIM consultants will examine the requirements of your firms and work with you to develop a BIM management plan, providing exactly the support you need. 

 Click to know more about BIM resource sharing.

How to Determine whether you Need BIM Resource Management Staffing Support?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) deals with a unified data model from which project stakeholders can extract and view information as per their requirements. The visualization capability of the BIM Model facilitates AEC (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) professionals to see the building in three dimensions and update views throughout the project life cycle from conception to demolition.

To determine whether you need BIM resource management staffing support or not, ask the following questions to yourself:

·         Is your BIM resources stable?

·         Do you have established BIM standards & guidelines?

·         Are your BIM standards operational and consistent?

·         Is your firm busy & large enough to maintain a full-time BIM manager in-house?

·         Whether there will be any risk associated with outsourcing BIM resourcing?

·         Do you have BIM staff to devote time to professional development?

·         Are you familiar with industry practices & incorporate them into BIM procedures?

·         Whether your BIM manager can assist with long term initiatives?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions, outsourcing BIM resources would be a good option for your firm. Talk to a BIM Consulting firm for your resource staffing.

How Can You Avoid the Pitfalls of Outsourcing BIM Resources? 

BIM refers to a unified information model that facilitates Architectural, Engineering and Construction professionals to manage collaboration in modeling and evaluating spatial and structural issues. All project team members can collect accurate data along the project life cycle, and store in the BIM Model, adding values to the analytical models. However, BIM implementation is often involved with unexpected challenges. The same is true about BIM resource outsourcing. If you know what to look, you can avoid potential pitfalls.

Here are the things you can consider:

Don’t assume you know your requirement

·         Work with your BIM partner for understanding the extent of services, not just what you think you need.


 • Select a committed partner

·         Take time to consider whether the BIM consultancy firm has a genuine interest in your firm. Can it provide high-level industry experts?

Maintain good relationship with resources

·         It’s the relationship that can cement or disrupt a BIM management company. Talk to the people you’ll be working to assess how to interact. Outsourcing can become a natural extension of your business if you maintain a good relationship you’re your resources.

Follow these simple tips to avoid the pitfalls of outsourcing BIM resources. Find out more about BIM deployment resource sharing.


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