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Brazil requires the incorporation of BIM in all its public works projects

According to the decree published on April 2, the BIM will be used in projects carried out by Federal Government agencies and entities, as part of the National Strategy for its dissemination.

Published: 20/04/2020

Country: Brazil
According to the decree published on April 2, the BIM methodology must be incorporated directly or indirectly, as of January 1, 2021, in all architecture and engineering projects, whether new constructions, extensions or renovations. This is the starting point of the first phase of the adoption of this methodology in Brazil, which includes especially the aspects related to design and its installations.

The second phase will begin on January 1, 2024, when the incorporation of the budget, planning and execution control of the works will be incorporated to the aspects already required during the first phase. In addition, the older models will need to be updated and incorporate information on how they were built.

The last phase, scheduled for January 1, 2028, will involve the complete transition to the digital ecosystem. The BIM models should incorporate management and maintenance information, including all phases of the life cycle of each project to facilitate subsequent work and optimize the conservation of the building or infrastructure.

The mandatory nature of BIM in projects is to improve workflows. This is highlighted by the request, marked in the decree, to present the projects in an open (non-proprietary) format, in addition to what is required in the public notice. Working with open formats is something that Zigurat Global Institute of Technology, a leader in BIM online education, incorporates into its academic programs, as it is the basis for interoperability and improvement of workflows among the agents involved in the development process of the work. Thus, training is offered that incorporates the latest developments in the field and is supported by the largest professionals in the sector and universities that lead the world ranking, such as the University of Barcelona, UNIFEBE or TAIPEI.

Among the Brazilian agents responsible for promoting the implementation of this technology in the country and who participated in the definition of this decree, we find the National Department of Transportation Infrastructure - DNIT, a public agency with which Zigurat collaborated in the last edition of the event. BIM 4.0 last March in the country. The DNIT is one of the most important points of reference for BIM in Brazil and today is laying the foundations for future steps to be followed. Brazil thus adopts the BIM methodology, which revolutionizes the sector, improving the processes in construction projects and infrastructure at international level.

Image: Eduardo Soethe Cursino


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