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Saving the frontline healthcare workforce and patients amidst the COVID-19 crisis with BIM

Published: 27/08/2020

Country: United States

As healthcare workers continue to spend countless hours since the COVID-19 outbreak, it is crucial to boost healthcare construction and systems. With thousands of infected patients being treated, the healthcare industry is facing grave challenges in terms of mediocre medical equipment, inefficient healthcare facilities, shortage of medical supplies and more.Furthermore, BIM is the most viable solution as it promotes a positive cascading effect on the design and construction process. Sophisticated building design and construction requires various processes and tools that add value to healthcare projects. Early adopters of BIM are witnessing great benefits when designing and building healthcare infrastructure.

In a snapshot, some of the benefits that can be leveraged by hospital stakeholders include reduced infrastructure costs, shortened schedules and enhanced project quality. The biggest gains are the result of improved collaboration, real-time visualization etc.

Architectural teams collaborate with various trades like structure, mechanical, electrical and plumbing to shorten design schedules, reduce interferences, etc. Eliminating costly change orders, no’s of RFI’s, etc. improves healthcare outcomes and project affordability.


Achieving complete BIM implementation for a healthcare environment:

  • Resolves conflicts early-on in a digital environment      
  • Helps end-users like healthcare staff and medical professionals engage at the very beginning of the project to visualize rooms and facilities
  • Delivers hospital projects on time through a quicker turnaround
  • Increase construction speed through prefabrication
  • Facilitates better scheduling and cost estimation

Hospital construction is different as it requires round-the-clock operations. Protecting patients from construction issues like dust and noise are some of the patient safety concepts that need to be adhered to.

A project management solutions firm from Saudi Arabia required a fully coordinated 3D BIM model as a deliverable for a University hospital building. The client was able to garner a high ROI through a clash-free 3D BIM model with LOD 500 and accurate scheduling. (Read case study)

How can design firms and owners leverage BIM to enhance ROI through BIM?

  • The “I” in BIM helps healthcare project participants and medical staff add value to design and construction by connecting space and asset data to business operations.
  • Real-time visualization and simulation through 3D BIM models and cloud computing
  • Validating client requirements and the design process using data analysis for rooms, fixtures, furniture and equipment
  • Better utilization of healthcare assets via RFID and tracking technologies for model numbers, manufacturers' names, equipment locations etc.
  • Improve the project delivery process to add value for designers, constructors, suppliers, owners etc.
  • Faster time to market through clash reduction and improved coordination

As global healthcare expenditure continues to rise by 5% until the year 2023, the need to build sustainable and efficient healthcare facilities is pressing. Global healthcare infrastructure needs to be prepared for any catastrophic outbreaks through state-of-the-art construction and systems. This would help frontline healthcare professionals adopt proactive response to mitigate pathogen exposure, fatigue, psychological distress etc.

Outsourcing your Healthcare projects to Hitech CADD Services will facilitate quicker, better, safer and sustainable design and construction of hospital infrastructure. 

Authored by:

Harika Singh is an academician and published writer. Her passion for engineering and technology reflects in the in-depth coverage she provides on technology trends. 20 years of work association with institutes of repute across India and the US positions her to provide valuable insights to business stakeholders on achieving scalability and operational efficiencies through digitalization.

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