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Why Should You Choose BIM for Better Construction Projects?

Published: 19/03/2020

Country: United States
BIM has come a long way for construction companies from where it started when it was initially introduced. Today, most countries in the Europe, the USA and UK have mandated BIM Level 2. But what does it mean?

It simply is an indicator that 3D BIM models are becoming more comprehensive with intricate details accommodated in one single file. As a mandatory practice, more construction professionals, consultants, and firms are encouraging the use of 3D BIM coordinated models. This has also lead for MEP fabricators to coordinate better with the construction professionals and onsite engineers and architects.


BIM on construction site

Additionally, more companies and contractors have started taking BIM on field and expanded the scope of the intelligent building models by enriching them with relevant information. To pinpoint, construction companies have started adopting formwork construction, prefabrication and precast construction techniques. All these techniques save a lot of onsite risk to which workers’ lives are susceptible and save a huge amount of time and money for the firms. 

Here is the Statistics as per Gartner Survey of construction companies across multiple countries


BIM applications for energy saving and retrofitting 

On several different projects, BIM has led to designing of energy efficient buildings for saving operational and maintenance costs whether it is a hospital building or a hospitality facility. While for the archaic constructions like that of historic museums or university college buildings, converting point cloud scans to BIM models remains an efficient way to refurbish the buildings. 

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