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BIM 2020: Archdraw Outsourcing continues its commitment to the digital transformation of the construction sector

Archdraw Outsourcing aims to reach the BIM (Building Information Modeling) user for digitalization in this sector

Published: 16/09/2020

Country: United States

Archdraw Outsourcing is a leading partner of your BIM requirements. Archdraw Outsourcing will bring its expertise for the implementation of BIM within USA and UK companies, collaborative organizations, and the contributions of virtual reality. The opportunity to present its latest achievements and its know-how in the use of digital technology, as well as its ability to support construction industries in their digital transformation, its innovative specialization developed to promote the emergence of digital processes.


Deploy BIM on operations of all sizes

Mastery of BIM by Archdraw Outsourcing on large operations has been one of the keys to the success of projects as complex as the many construction projects. The restructuring project also illustrates the decisive contribution of building information modeling for large-scale structures. The high-rise building construction has taken a new step with the use of BIM for all stages of the execution.

Convinced of the value of the digital model for any type of project, Archdraw Outsourcing also helps you to uses it for more traditional operations such as housing units designed for social work and the hospital sector. Archdraw Outsourcing encourages you to intend to increase the use of BIM in the industry for all your operations.

Support the digital transition of the sector

At the same time, Archdraw Outsourcing wishes to actively contribute to the introduction of digital technology in the sector so that each of the professionals can join and participate in this turning point in the construction sector.

It is therefore to promote the development of a digital ecosystem and increase collaboration between all the professionals in a project that Archdraw Outsourcing has put its BIM know-how and expertise within innovative tools. Modeling as a common collaboration platform, the tools bring together all the reference processes and methodologies necessary for the use of BIM Modeling during the design and construction phases. Made available to its partners, it allows everyone to have the means to cross the course of digitization, at their scale and according to their scope of intervention and their needs.

Award-winning in India's best startups, Archdraw Outsourcing proves to the capacity of the leader in construction in the USA and UK to support the transformation of the sector. Archdraw Outsourcing actively supports the digital transition plan in the building launched by the government.


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