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BIMtoVR, A Costless Online BIM Renderer, Powered By VRcollab

Published: 30/10/2020

Country: Singapore

With the world under due stress from COVID-19, many companies are looking into software alternatives that will boost remote working conditions and workflows. BIMtoVR was born of this pandemic to help smaller businesses and budding AEC professionals to survive through this rough patch of time. BIMtoVR is also made costless so users do not require licenses to render their models.

It is easy to utilise BIMtoVR, all that users have to do is to send in their BIM files for conversion of users’ BIM models from compatible CAD files to interactive BIM standalone executable files.  This frees the CAD models on paper plans and computer screens. These standalone files allow modellers to investigate visual clashes or model issues that were only made obvious by rendering the models. 

imageModel cross sectional analysis

Moreover, the executable files are user friendly and can be used in any stage of construction and also at any BIM LOD (BIM level of development). This would also mean that users with varying BIM skill-set can easily maneuver around within the files. It does not require any prior training except for maybe a familiarity to PC gaming controls. The interface is designed to be simplified and optimised for any user to be able to load it on the go. 

Project visualisation is now effortless for those uninitiated to BIM and its variety of compatible softwares. It is a result of using BIMtoVR as a tool to render models so users can collaborate with partners and clients, be it pitching an idea or to investigate the properties of these models.  This creates a more seamless process of design reviewing, approval of building requirements and coordinating construction. Many of the features that BIMToVR has includes the ability to view the models in four different modes, realistic sunlight analysis, quick measurements and bim metadata inspection.

imageQuick Measurement tool

VR viewing is another feature that is coming to BIMtoVR. VR headsets are not a requirement for users to have for the current version.

For more information please head on over to or email the BIMtoVR Team at .


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