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Top Four Responsibilities of BIM Coordinators

Published: 10/11/2020

Country: United States

Today, engineering professionals are eager to know about how to become a BIM Coordinator. BIM coordination companies are actively engaged in the process of coordination starting from the stage of designing to final construction. As Revit BIM services are developing at a fast pace in BIM market USA, it is becoming difficult to work with the newfangled working methodologies. Hence, it becomes essential to have a coordinator who will support the project team. However, the process of coordination depends on the nature of the projects managed by the BIM service providers in the USA. The four main roles of a BIM coordinator involve Educator, Planner, Innovator and Coordinator.

Educator to Project Team

The primary role of a BIM Coordinator as an educator is to ensure that the project team and management should be properly trained in the process of application of the Revit BIM services. It is not essential for the coordinators to be an expert in the Revit model, but they should have the knowledge of assisting the project team members of engineering companies. They should have the capability to observe BIM competencies amongst the project participants and must organize the training process in an apt way for getting technical support. BIM coordinators of top structural engineering firms are accountable for the following activities:

  • Supporting tender team & clarification of requirements

  • Explaining the process of BIM implemented in the project at the initial phase

  • Coordinating training courses for project group

  • Co-creation of knowledge exchange through webinars

  • Construction documents describing the process of using specific tools in an effective way

  • Personal support for designers in working with models

  • Teaching new method of automated working 

Planner of BIM Execution

Making plans and evaluating the needs for strategy development is one of the significant accountabilities of BIM Coordinators. The task is involved during the initial design phase, where the BIM implementation plan is yet to be established. The coordinators create the BIM execution plan, draw the construction documents and describe the entire process of shop drawing services in detail, meeting customer ambitions. The duties of a planner include:

  • Preparing BIM execution plan with a tender team, as per client requirement

  • Creating in-house standards in the office or other organization as per Revit model

  • Co-creating implementation plan, as per the operation of coordinating programs

  • Executing multidisciplinary check, carrying out coordination meetings

Innovator of Latest Technology

Construction professionals are working with new methodologies and approaches for creating Revit model, clash coordination and managing modeled information. Consultants of top structural engineering firms are the main catalysts of bringing project innovation. They stay updated with latest developments, arranging implementation strategy in an apt way to integrate available technology effectively. Innovations of BIM engineering company support project teams, accelerating the design and construction process. Responsibilities as a technology innovator include:

  • Selecting automated solutions, though Dynamo, Revit Model, Robot Processing Automation

  • Participating in industry events for getting acquainted with the latest developments

  • Testing new methodologies for pilot projects, applying VDC, Laser scan to BIM, etc

  • Using 3d models for visualizing projects with Virtual or Augmented Reality

Coordinator for the Project Workflow

The duties of coordinator encompass various tasks, depending on the type of projects. Model geometry checks, clash detection and reporting are significant to relevant team members. The accountabilities include:

  • Assigning geometric collisions to responsible project stakeholders for a given model,

  • Grouping and consistent naming of clashes for easy identification

  • Viewing & updating collision reports and sending them to project managers

  • Creating 4D scheduling or construction simulation of the workflow

  • Verifying the accuracy of information and exported data from the model

  • Ensuring model parameters acquiescent with BEP

  • Configurating the 3D models in Revit, Tekla, Allplan, ensuring apt coordinate system

  • Adjusting design templates in modeling for enhancing workflow with models

  • Participating in meetings to ensure everybody comprehending the process

  • Establishing agenda for regular coordination meetings

It is evident that BIM coordination companies and BIM service providers in USA take a lot of effort for making a list of specific tasks. However, before coordinating the work process, it is significant to know the size of the client company and whether the company employs the technique on a daily basis. One should also know the projects and the purpose of BIM implementation. If you have any questions regarding BIM market USA, consult Tejjy Inc. BIM engineering company in USA.


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