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Published: 03/12/2020

Country: Canada

CanBIM, a Canadian organization considered a business benchmark for the construction and infrastructure community, held the CanBIM Innovation Spotlight Awards 2020 in early November. These annual awards are intended to recognize and reward the most innovative construction projects nationwide.  The categories in which the competition was divided were: Academic, Construction Management, Design & Engineering, Digital Products, Digital Supply Chain, Digitalization Strategy, Best in Innovation and Industry Traiblazer. We wanted to share the winning projects of the edition to show the digitalized character of the sector in a country like Canada. 

Academic: Carleton Digital Campus - Carleton Immersive Media Studio

The Carleton Digital Campus is the creation of a digital twin prototype developed by the Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS) whose objective is to obtain real-time visualization of data sets both to run simulations and to increase the efficiency of the management and operations of the facilities. In addition, it is intended to support the outreach activities of the University, such as virtual experiences for students. A project whose purpose is to encompass and integrate the technological aspect beyond the construction process.

                        Image Source: CanBIM - Carleton Digital Campus - Tuckerhirise

Construction Management: Aéroport Yul Réaménagement Partiel ASFC - Phase 2 

The construction of this airport project consisted of the renovation of two floors occupied by the CBSA after the merger of the border control organizations. One of the requirements was to maintain the full operational capability of the CBSA in order to ensure the safety of passengers and the integrity of the border.


  Image Source: CanBIM - CanBIM - Aeroport yul reamenagement partiel asfc phase 2 - Brownlee LLP

Design and Engineering: Embodied Carbon in MEP Design

The introduction of quantity and material lists and life cycle assessment tools through the BIM has helped to facilitate in-built carbon assessments. However, the key focus was on structural and architectural design. This document provided by CanBIM shows the carbon assessment incorporated into the design of the MEP:


    Image Source: CanBIM - Embodied carbon in mep design - Integral Group - SolidCAD

Digital Suplychain: Implementing Stratus for Off-Site Fabrication

In the field of plumbing, the BIM department of the Pitt Meadows team has been introducing innovations that have advanced the company. One of these is the Status automation software. This allows PMP to increase production, quality and precision in the manufacturing workshop. 

       Image Source: CanBIM - Implementing status for off site fabrication - PCL

Digitalization Strategy: Equipment Delivery Simulation Tool

A project delivery simulation tool. This allows the team to validate the possible paths that can be taken when presenting a project and therefore be able to find the optimal route. 


             Image Source: CanBIM - Equipment delivery simulation tool - Glaholt

Source: CanBIM 


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