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Published: 12/02/2021

At a time when building structures are becoming more and more complex and clients demand more for the money they invest, firms providing Building Information Modeling services can be of great value to architects.

The wide range of Building Information Modeling services offered by BIM Outsourcing companies can help you deal with multi-layer structures in a more efficient manner and execute your projects effortlessly and flawlessly with a minimum of fuss.

BIM, the new-age process, gives a more comprehensive overview of a building project, enabling architects to produce functionally superior and aesthetically appealing buildings through different stages like conceptualization, design development, drawing and documentation, construction, and facilities management.

Let us first give you an idea of the countless benefits of using BIM for your projects today, both large and small, when construction costs have skyrocketed and skyscrapers have virtually become a norm. 

You will realize the value of implementing BIM vertically across all the stages of a project, this could turn you around in the year 2021. Here is a brief look at some of the advantages of using the latest Building Information Modeling services:

  • BIM is a shared information resource where all stakeholders make their discipline specific inputs. This information pool can be easily accessed by all the parties involved. 

  • BIM envelops the entire lifecycle of a structure unlike other building systems that are responsible only till the commissioning stage of a building. This system helps building owners/ operators make maintenance and facilities management more efficient. 

  • While CAD the software allows users to work efficiently in three dimensions- length, width and depth; BIM enables you to add two more dimensions to make you're working more versatile and effective. These two dimensions are cost and time. You can produce accurate cost estimates and time schedules even during design development stage. 

  • BIM helps you identify the clashing elements and resolve them very early to make your design viable and mostly error-free. This spares you more difficult times at later stages of a project.

BIM services being offered: You would now be eager to know about the kind of BIM services being offered to make your task of producing timeless designs and executing the projects quickly and efficiently easier. 

Following are some of the new-age Building Information Modeling services for all types of projects- new and renovation/ remodelling; large, medium and small:

  • PDF/ Point Cloud Scans to BIM

  • CAD to BIM conversion

  • Building renovation model and documentation

  • Concept to schematic design

  • Schematic design to permit set

  • Design development

  • Construction documentation

  • Clash detection, resolution and coordination

  • BIM content creation

  • BIM modelling for energy analysis
Working closely with experienced BIM Outsourcing firms can help you revolutionize your working and regularly produce high-quality buildings that would be appreciated by one and all. BIM holds great promise for the future of the building industry and the architects should come forward willingly to embrace the new-age process.

Summary: The post takes a look at some new-age BIM services that can help designers produce excellent buildings and execute projects efficiently.


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