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4 Reasons Architectural CAD Drafting Services Should Use BIM During Concept To Schematic Design Documentation

Published: 08/10/2021

Country: United States

Top companies offering architectural CAD drafting services understand the importance of using BIM (Building Information Modeling) for making the entire design and documentation process faster, more efficient and mostly error-free in the year 2021 and beyond. 

The greatest advantage of using BIM for architectural CAD drafting services providers is that it helps make every single stage of the project more efficient, facilitating creation of architectural masterpieces on a regular basis. 

It’s imperative to understand the four main stages of a building project in order to streamline the process and achieve the best possible results.

·        Design conceptualization stage,

·        Pre-construction stage,

·        Construction stage,

·        As-built.

Don’t believe the wrong notion that BIM is meant to be used mainly during the construction stage and facilities management, BIM should be implemented vertically across all the stages and disciplines of a project. 

An advanced BIM software like Revit, if used from the beginning, will efficiently coordinate data input by all the stakeholders involved. We can further classify the pre-construction stage as follows:

·        Pre-design stage

·        Conceptual design

·        Schematic design documentation

·        Construction documentation

BIM: Salient features

·        BIM is a shared information resource accessible to all the stakeholders.

·         it envelops the entire lifespan of a structure, right from early conceptualization stage to the demolition of the structure.

·        BIM provides a more comprehensive overview of the building project.

·        You can work in 5 dimensions using BIM, instead of three dimensions permitted by CAD.

Let us discuss here some main benefits of using BIM for architectural CAD drafting services vendors during concept to schematic design documentation stage of a project.

1.      Accessible data for all stakeholders

Data loss has been the bane of the building industry for centuries, but BIM is a shared data resource that ensures all development data is linked and accessible. Any stakeholder can access the required information even at a very early stage in the project when finding information is not easy at all. This allows you to avoid contradictions at a later stage.

2.      Better collaboration among stakeholders

Coordination among stakeholders is difficult to achieve during the schematic design stage since the scope of information is limited. The intrinsic Revit models contain all the relevant information about the proposed structure, site constraints and the local environment, and effectively remove any information constraints. This results in better collaboration among all participants.

3.      Early clash detection

It’s challenging to work on complex, multi-level designs since one could encounter clashing elements quite late. This often results in huge losses in terms of time and money. Coordinated BIM models allow you to detect clash detection faster and more accurately. It’s possible to achieve clash detection in both proposed designs and existing structures, and take corrective steps quite early.

4.      Accurate risk assessment

Reputed providers of architectural CAD drafting services derive site information through the detailed and comprehensive work models, which clearly highlight any potential risks during construction stage. The project team can thus identify risks related to specific objects and the overall construction process.

Accurate, efficient concept to schematic design documentation can ensure the successful execution of a building project. Architectural CAD drafting services team must streamline the process by eliminating errors and clashing elements so that the end product closely reflects the initial conceptual design.

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