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Influence of Architectural 3D modeling in various areas

Architectural BIM Modeling

Published: 08/07/2021

Country: United States

With modernization, there has been a sharp increase in technological
advancements. Technology has progressed in every field. And its
repercussions can be seen to a greater positive extent.

The advanced scenarios have transformed the 2D world into 3D. Because of the advantages that 3D Modeling has, it is now used in various fields. The following are the areas where the use of 3D modeling can be seen:

  • Manufacturing industry

With 3D modeling, the manufacturers can enhance the design
capability. This makes the fabrication process very easy and takes very
little time to manufacture the products. The details present through the
3D models help in the effective creation of the products as well.

  • Entertainment industry

3D modeling incorporated with animations and visual graphics has
impacted the entertainment field to a large extent. Action movies have
got another level of visualization with the introduction of special
effects (SFX/FX). Movies like Jurassic Park, Avenger, Avatar, etc. are
proof of that. There are numerous movies and shows coming each day that
utilizes this technology to its fullest. And the quality is only
increasing with each passing day.

  • Architectural industry

The architecture industry has been really lucky with the 3D modeling services.
If you are an architect, contractor, interior designer, or builder you
will know the value of 3D modeling. It lets the users present a
visualizing form of the building or space to their clients. It allows an
experience for the house owners. The whole architectural process
becomes much easier and efficient with the modeling services.

  • Gaming industry

3D modeling has taken the gaming industry by storm. It has added a
realistic version to the games which attracts its users more and more.
The game developers use 3D modeling in adding a visualizing effect and
produce real-life imagery through the gaming world. We all know the name
of few world-famous games like Clash of clans, PubG, Vice city, etc.
This has been an extremely profitable business. With high-definition
tools, this technique can be brought to the best of the user’s

  • Hospital and healthcare industry

3D technology has been a crucial addition to health activities.
Medical experts can utilize the techniques for different purposes. The
3D models of various things show the details of the structures which can
be used for examining.

  • Marketing industry

3D modeling has benefited the advertising industry greatly. The 3D
model of the products gives an in-depth knowledge of the product
features. With this, the products can be advertised to a large number of
customers much before the actual manufacturing happens.

  • Publishing industry

3D technology is very useful in the publishing industry too. 3D
modeling can be used in presenting the images of different elements and
environmental products like flora, fauna, and terrain, etc. It allows
the user to be creative and use their imagination to its best. This way
the readers can have a unique experience while reading the pieces.

Thus, it can be seen how effective 3D modeling is,
in regard to today’s industrial situation. It has something to offer to
every industry.  The flexibility and consistency it offers to its users
are unparalleled. Models made by skilled professionals can be a boon for
the industry as well as the stakeholders.


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