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Published: 27/04/2022

Country: United States

Revit 2023 - A Complete Toolset for BIM Engineers

What’s New in Revit 2023? Is it having the features of better performance and improved productivity, seeded from the requests of AEC professionals? Is it true that implementing the new version of the software would provide smarter ways of working with data, both on the desktop and in the cloud?

Hold your patience, as Revit Factory is excited to announce Revit 2023 release that is rolling out globally. With the release, AEC professionals are excited as Revit is more intuitive and fine-tuned to the way we work. Revit continuously validates against evolving needs, with over 30 feature requests. The software balances subtle enhancements with new introductions and upgrades that enhance the quality of life. Swap views on a sheet, with future-facing game-changers, like granular Data Exchange workflows, enable Revit 2023 and Autodesk Docs in the AEC Collection. Through several performance enhancements, Revit aims at faster computing, especially while working with large models.

There’s a lot to find out with Revit 2023, so let’s delve deep into the software application:

Top 12 Features of Revit 2023:

  1. Data Exchanges: Data Exchanges provide a technique for sharing portions of the model with collaborators. Data Exchange helps engineers to accomplish their work without the need to download the whole model. 

  2. Control Print Order: Using this feature, a PDF export or print set can be saved with a specified print order. While creating the view/sheet selection set, you can select the print order for the export.

  3. 3D Measurement: Revit 2023 helps you measure tools in 3D between two chosen points or selected points along a chain.

  4. Performance Enhancement: AEC stakeholders can enhance performance by making changes in different areas like rewinding tools, image rotation and transparency, parallel processing while printing & exporting, etc. 

  5. Rebar Solid/Line Display: Revit 2023 helps you to easily publish and open 3D rebar views using Autodesk Docs or Construction Cloud viewer for coordinating, inspecting, and sharing 3D rebar details or views.

  6. Energy Analysis: Electrical engineers can estimate the building power requirements and describe a preliminary conceptual distribution system without creating physical electrical model elements, enabling conceptual analysis and preliminary equipment sizing with minimal modeling.

  7. Accurate Structural Analytical Model: Structural analytical model automation ensures that the model created automatically is consistent and connected, removing the need for tedious corrections. The rules can be easily adjusted and customized using visual scripting for responding to specific modeling requirements.

  8. Library-Based Connection Design Automation: AEC professionals use library-based connection design automation for modeling building design faster, embedding structural engineering and fabrication rules for reducing iterations.

  9. Adaptive Rebar Propagation: Revit 2023 enables construction professionals to copy and adapt shape-driven rebar starting from the source host to the destination hosts. The bars are adapted by matching the rebar constraints.

  10. Connection of Demolished MEP Elements: To improve productivity, MEP service elements stay connected and assigned to their systems while demolishing pipes, ducts, conduits, cable trays, wires, as well as fabrication parts. If elements get added automatically with different phases connected on each side of elements, they are assigned to the current phase of the view.

  11. MEP Fabrication Data Manager: FDM constitutes to be a cloud-hosted service, enabling collaborators to share, manage, and build MEP fabrication content for delivery to Revit users. Content and fabrication configuration settings defined within the cloud service are available to Revit users for comprehensive modeling workflows.

  12. FormIt/Revit Workflow: Explore and iterate on design with the new linking workflow between FormIt and Revit. In Revit 2023, it becomes easier for AEC stakeholders to work back and forth between Revit and FormIt for detailed modeling at an early stage.

Revit 2023 – the multidisciplinary BIM software has several other features. The software acts as a comprehensive toolset for BIM engineering services.Whether it's design, productivity, constructability simulation & analysis, interoperability, design optimization or documentation efficiency, the software brings several improvements for AEC professionals. To obtain the benefits of Revit BIM services, contact the BIM consultants of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].


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