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Small and medium-sized enterprises, the engine for the standardization of BIM

The intervention of the EBC in BIMEXPO has been useful to know closely the work of this organization

Published: 03/11/2016

Country: Spain

The first edition of BIMEXPO closes with a positive balance. In addition to the strong public influence, there is also a very active participation of both the exhibiting companies and the attendees themselves, who joined forces to create a shared global intelligence through initiatives such as workshops, BIM Forum or the papers. Guido Sabatini, Technical Officer of Standardization of the EBC (European Builders Confederation), presented some data of the advances that the organization is carrying out in its work of representation for the small and medium companies in the BIM environment.

Its main goal, as Sabatini explained, is to support and defend the interests of those small and medium-sized enterprises with fewer resources in order to be integrated into the standardization process proposed by the European Union at an International level. Currently, the organization has more than two million registered companies, are represented in 17 countries and is responsible for events such as the EBC 2016 annual conference on BIM and media partners of European events such as GeoBIM Europe or BIM EU Summit. 

This initiative comes from other measures linked to the optimization of resources, the use of more renewable and ecological energies, as well as the costs reduction 

Sabatini has recognized the work of BIMCommunity within this process of evangelization of BIM and has been very pleased to be part of initiatives of this type, which help to spread the need for small and medium enterprises to be aware of these challenges that The BIM, in order to be able to form and be prepared for it.


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