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BIMObject and Allplan sign a collaboration agreement

The goal is to merge the benefits of both platforms into an app that will allow to download objects from the cloud

Published: 10/11/2016

Country: Spain

BIMObject has announced its collaboration with Allplan, one of his biggest assets, not only with BIM but also in the AECO sector. The company, which is part of the Nemetscheck group and has managed to bill more than 285 million in 2015, will develop an app for more than 40.000 BIMObject users. With it, it will be possible to download objects of the platform directly in any device. 

Allplan users, most of them architects and engineers, will be able in a near future to integrate BIM objects in their designs and models in the BIMObject cloud, greatly facilitating day-to-day work and providing more complete information on digital products and their materials. 

"We receive requests every day from architects and engineers who need to manufacture specific BIM objects for Allplan. Now we can give an answer to that request. Also for material manufacturers and construction products, that will mean a significant increase in users for Allplan in the world" explained Johannes Reischböck, CEO and BIMObject member.

On the other hand, Markus Tretheway, vice president of product management at Allplan "our clients will benefit directly through our cooperation with BIMObject. Architects and engineers will be able in the future to integrate the BIM objects of the products directly into their BIM workflows. This makes the planning, construction and construction operations much more efficient which will lead to a huge increase in value." 


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