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The importance of BIM to digitize the construction industry to increase productivity in the Italian buildings and to improve safety

Published: 13/11/2017

Country: Italy
The building sector has always has been an important piece of the Italian economy. A world of great complexity in terms of number of companies, different structures, business models, the impact of its products on society and the economy: just think that the building activity involves about 80% of the productive activities generated in the country, from engineering and architectural services to plant engineering, to carpentry, to the materials industry.

Yet the construction industry in Italy is one of the least digitized segments in the world, with a level of investment in innovation among the lowest. Given this, closely related to the performance of the industry, which has progressively declined. That's why it has become necessary a drastic change of cultural paradigm in ways of thinking and acting of all actors in the sector, which should open up and embrace the logic of digitization and the so-called fourth industrial revolution. Innovation, therefore, as a developmental volcano in the construction industry, has long remained unchanged to itself.

The launched challenge has been collected

Construction began to take small steps in the digital era: in recent years, the way to design and execute works by architects and engineers has changed dramatically, in parallel with the emergence of new tools. Digital, with the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart and Connected Sensors, Virtual Reality (VR) and Increased (AR), 3D Printing, Building Information Modeling (BIM), has begun to transform the way designing, building and managing urban and construction structures.

Even with the new Code of Practices reformed in 2016, the legislator has paved the way for the progressive introduction of BIM, the digital design platform that allows sharing of data between all actors in the process, anticipating the effects of the project on site reducing often unforeseen surpluses.

BIM is not "the only" point of evolution in the realization of the synthesis model of a work, but rather of a completely innovative approach. In addition to allowing you to move along the whole lifespan of a project, from the first drawings to the maintenance of the product, working in the BIM environment means using technology to better integrate the various professionalisms involved in the work in the field, a profitable exchange of knowledge and also a timely update of the information in real-time so that you can always make informed decisions.

Information needs to be shared and everyone can provide support: customer, designer, contractor, manufacturing, each integrating and improving information for their specificity. So you reduce the mistakes and you get a global improvement. This collaboration between sectors and people involved in a construction project is, however, not possible without open and free access to all essential data stored in a BIM.

Hence the need for suitable tools, collaborative platforms that rely on open systems.

usBIM is the first visual system for BIM management to create and manage BIM models in open formats even online. Produced and distributed by ACCA, the leading Italian software, and technology company, BIM, usBIM is a major contributor to the needs of all actors in the construction process and building system: a real innovation.

The usBIM system encompasses the integration of open digital, plug-in and software platforms (BIM authoring / BIM tools) that can create and manage the BIM digital model at all times of building life, from the design phase to the construction and maintenance or disposal. usBIM is based on the possibility that any component of the integrated system can exchange models, data and documents in open and accessible formats via the web.

The FreeMDD (free Models, Documents and Data) open protocol of the embedded usBIM system enables you to get the real BIM model of the building, with information displayed in open formats that can be consulted and managed on-line. With usBIM you can browse and manage the BIM model in the cloud, browse content in the Common Data Environment (CDE) and interact directly with objects, data, and document-related documents.

Unlike other solutions that address only a few aspects of BIM management - many times with proprietary formats and tools that undermine BIM's freedom and principles - usBIM allows you to build and manage the BIM model with open formats (IFC, PDF, XML, etc.) and directly online in cloud solution.


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