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Lean-BIM based Project management practice for Indian AECO Industry

Ingenuity in management tactics nowadays is getting popular among the researchers in Project management field.

Published: 21/11/2017

Country: India

Ingenuity in management tactics nowadays is getting popular among the researchers in Project management field. Researchers are coming up with lots of updates regarding Management system with major and minor illustrates. Since last decade, the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries have observed the growth of the Lean Construction Management Systems and the rise of the Building Information Modeling (BIM). Not only individually but also in combination, they are acting as they have lots of synergy in their implementation pattern. There are numbers of case studies that show the benefits in Management functionality due to these systems. But how is that affecting the performance of Project or an organization? that is going to be the area of focus for the discussion.

The performance evaluation of categorized projects and their organization structure maturity comparison are the key parameters, which have been used to assess project management practices. Performance and maturity are generally evaluated based on the Project Management Maturity Model (in this case PMMM Third Edition). Which results in the maturity rating of the project management team practices on the Projects in various Project Management area of Knowledge. When those results are converted in the radar charts, Weakness and strength of each Project management system can be identified and compare with each other. After processing more than forty ongoing/completed Projects with these process, the clear picture of the behavior of each management has been explored.

Project Management System bifurcation

To evaluate the performance of the project management systems, the clear definition and the clear bifurcation must have done. Thus, based on various literature available, four different systems are identified to carry out performance analysis.


Figure 1: Bifurcation of Management systems according to their characteristics Bifurcation concept

Lean Construction management system

Project Management practices which are done with the help of Lean principals and Lean tools are classified under Lean construction management system.

BIM-based Management System

Project management practices which are implementing Building information modeling to achieve project objectives are classified under BIM-based management system.

Lean & BIM integration based Management System

Project management practices which are implementing both systems together are classified under Lean & BIM integration management system.

Conventional Management System

The project management practices which are not classified under above-defined categories are considered under conventional management systems.

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