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Kiloutou launches a BIM offering with BIM&CO

Europe’s fourth largest plant and equipment hire company, and a major player in the French equipment market, Kiloutou, has engaged the startup, BIM&CO, to digitise its range of equipment into BIM object format, in the first project of its kind

Published: 26/04/2018

Country: United Kingdom

As part of its digital transformation programme, Kiloutou has opted for BIM. By making use of BIM&CO’s expertise to implement and manage its BIM object library, Kiloutou has become the first plant hire company to develop a BIM presence.

Why did Kiloutou opt for the platform?

The unique value proposition of BIM&CO is to offer close collaboration between manufacturers and equipment suppliers on the one hand, and BIM professionals on the other. The overriding objective is to offer an approach that is in line with the equipment provider’s specifications while meeting users’ needs for a simplified design process for their digital models.

“The approach taken by BIM&CO is iterative first and foremost,” specified Valentin Malemanche, Kiloutou project manager for BIM&CO. “We create the first set of parameters and invite our experts to test the models. Via a private, collaborative workspace on the BIM&CO platform, we will be able to experiment with and improve the objects to make them easier to use, while taking advantage of the dialogue between the plant hire company, design partners, and users.”

This process, which is particularly popular with manufacturers and equipment providers, allows complex objects to be broken down into simple, functional and easy-to-implement objects as part of a global digital template.

BIM&CO’s support, their step-by-step approach and their understanding of our technical challenges were fundamental to the success of the Kiloutou digitalisation project. It now means that we can make high-quality objects available online, containing valuable information for our customers, for example how to display the range of heights that can be reached by a forklift, depending on the load carried, which is an important piece of information to ensure that a building site is properly laid out,” commented Stanislas Finet, Organisational Manager at Kiloutou who is responsible for leading the BIM project.

Over forty Kiloutou products are already available in Revit (.rfa) and IFC (.ifc) formats.

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