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"The cost of a building is not determined by the design under construction, the real cost is fixed by the operation phase"

Rolf Jerving, CEO of dRofus AS, explains how important is to include all the information in the BIM models in order to work together in a clear way

Published: 09/07/2018

Country: United Kingdom

Rolf Jerving is CEO of dRofus AS, a planning and data management tool for the global building industry. At the beginning, dRofus was not used by architects and engineers because there was no connection with architect tools. “Immediately, when we connected dRofus with Revit and ArchiCAD and made a bidirectional synchronization, we became very interesting for them to have the owners requirements directly synchronized to the design tools”, states Jerving.

BIMCommunity had the chance to interview Rolf Jerving during his participation in the European BIM Summit 2018, where he presented BIM for an Intelligent Building Maintenance – An Example from Oslo International Airport. Jerving explained how dRofus intervened in the operations phase of the Oslo International Airport project: “We discussed to decide of which paper can dRofus contribute in the Oslo Airport Project. After a few days of analysis, we concluded that they have models with assets that is reflecting what they actually have built. One of the best strategies used was cooperate with a BIM base.”

One of the keys in the planning, design and construction phases is put all the information into a BIM Model to reduce increasing the total cost of the project. 

Terminal 2 - Project at Oslo International Airport

The BIM demand is absolutely increasing every year. We saw in several markets for example in US, Australia or Asia that the BIM Models are more requested day by day for each projects. As Rolf Jerving explains:  “BIM Models and handle information is growing definitely in all markets.”

The terminal opened in 1998 and it now needs greater capacity due to increase in passenger traffic. This is to be achieved through an extension of the terminal and a new pier with space for more airplanes. The terminal will also get new departure and arrival halls and a new luggage system. The project will be finished in 2017 and includes 130.000 sqm/1.4 million sqft of new construction, all planned with dRofus.

Learn more about the project here.

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