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Checklist to Outsource the Right BIM Partner

Published: 02/01/2023

Country: United States

The immense growth observed in the infrastructure sector and the demand for newly introduced construction techniques to serve the market within a dedicated timeline and the stipulated budget have enabled the BIM market to grow significantly. The BIM market is forecasted to reach USD 10.7 billion by 2026 from 5.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% during 2021-2026. In addition to the rise in infrastructure construction, numerous other factors have led the BIM market to grow.

Key Factors Affecting the BIM Market Growth

  • Increase in remote working post COVID

  • A rapid rise in global urbanization

  • Benefits offered by BIM to the AEC industry

  • Rising trend of BIM in the AEC Industry

  • Government initiatives for BIM adoption

  • Newly introduced BIM standards for market players

Observing the growth of BIM in the AEC market, almost every architectural and construction firm is switching to BIM solutions for executing their building projects successfully. Though many large-scale construction firms have already adopted and implemented BIM, several small and medium-scale firms still find it challenging due to a lack of knowledge and the skillset in BIM. It can be overcome by opting for the appropriate BIM Service Providers in the industry. Outsourcing BIM Services can enable you to avail many benefits, as below.

Why Outsource BIM Modelling Services?

  • Get access to the experience as well as expertise at the same time. 

  • Fasten up your construction to a greater extent. 

  • Get the accurate and quality BIM model 

  • Stick to the budget

  • Better communications and collaborations

  • Streamline your construction workflow

With so many positive points listed, sourcing BIM services would be sensible. Choose out the best BIM outsourcing companies from the long list available in the market is the most daunting task. Let’s simplify it by evaluating the significant aspects to consider while choosing the BIM Partner.

1) Costings and Budgets

Cost is a crucial aspect to consider as most of the firms have tight budgets. Executing the BIM projects accurately within the estimated budget is a pro point when opting for a BIM partner. Look out for the quality, too, as achieving the budget and compromising the quality would be imprudent. Consider the firm within your budget, but avoid being influenced by low-cost BIM service offerings. Make a smart choice by opting for the expertise which syncs up well with your budget.

2) Relevant BIM Experience

Relevancy is also one of the essential aspects to look after when selecting a rightful BIM partner. Evaluate the firm’s appropriate experience in the technology and look out for the related projects implemented as yours. Keep a keen eye on their BIM projects through their marketing, social, and business profiles. Check thoroughly on the claims made by the firm through an inquiry on their past and present clientele and employees. It would be best if you cross-check the skill set of the BIM modelers, architects, and engineers working on your project to ensure quality delivery.

3) Reliable and Credible

Building your projects according to the building standards and codes is of utmost importance. Look out for a certified, affiliated, and legitimate firm to design and model your project as per construction industry rules and regulations. This will not only authorize your project but also eliminate the reworks, thus speeding up the project’s lifecycle. To check on reliability and trustworthiness, client endorsements are the best way. To check on credibility, always ask for certification from the firm or check on the business listing sites.

4) Technologically Gear-head

Blindly following the technological trend is the key to standing ahead in the construction industry. Evaluate the firm’s technical and software stack thoroughly and opt for the one with the excellence in adapting and implementing the same to outrank the competition. 

5) Scalability and Timely Delivery 

In construction projects, many a time, there is a requirement for modifications and renovations and remodeling. Your BIM partner should be able to provide you the scalable solutions with the facility to add, modify or alter components as and when necessary. Also, before selecting the partner, look for their timelines and deliveries. They should be able to cater to your design and modeling need within the time frame decided. Any delay caused at the initial stages can be proven costly later. 


BIM has proven to be an efficient process for streamlining construction projects. It has been observed that implementing BIM can speed up project completion with greater accuracy and precision. But the effective implementation of BIM for your project entirely depends on the BIM outsourcing partner you select. Therefore, evaluate your prospects keeping the above-stated points in mind, before going for your reliable BIM partner. QeCAD and QeBIM are globally recognized BIM service providers delivering efficient BIM solutions holding an experience of around 23+ years. We have created accurate BIM models for all types of projects irrespective of complexity and size.

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