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A new beginning with BIM post Covid-19

BIM Implementation 3D / VDC Strategies
Published: 29/10/2020

We all know that the emergence and rapid spread of the coronavirus has a significant impact on the entire AEC industry. However, BIM can help us mitigate these challenges and come up with solutions. Companies who have not yet digitally transformed need to rethink and evolve almost immediately as we have seen how digital technologies are helping us to keep things working throughout this pandemic.

Building sites all over the world are gradually getting active after lockdown and where sites have re-started, a maximum of 60% of workers can safely return under social distancing rules. This could prove out to be tedious in getting the optimized output within the stipulated time frame of projects.

The typical challenges faced by AEC industry are:

  • Risk management
  • Safety of site workers
  • Data security
  • Collaboration
  • Maintaining Timelines & Budget

Let us take a look at how BIM can be a game changer to transform the business.

First and foremost, Digital transformation is the key to all these challenges.

BIM aids us with visual risk analysis for safety evaluations. These reports demonstrate site conditions, for workers to get acquainted with the worksite as well as help construction managers to avoid hazards during the construction process.

With advancements in BIM, technologies like AR, VR, drones, Scan to BIM- safety of the site workers can be ensured as instances like falls from heights, currents, being hit by moving objects etc. can be avoided due to strong visual communication of the digital model.

Use of cloud platforms enable collaboration among stake holders and project team without wasting time and taking quick & informed decisions. All this done by maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and security of the data.

Use of digital technologies can help us meet the deadlines of projects, compared to conventional building techniques. This bolsters productivity as well as eliminates over costing and uncertainty situations. This boost can prove to be of immense importance during current unlock period.

Digitally managing the projects hence onwards will be deemed to be crucial by stakeholders for monitoring and decision making for the projects. In such case, BIM can be termed as a boon. Adoption of these technologies is vital for the survival and growth of AEC industry.

As per the surveys, during the COVID-19 lockdown, BIM was more widely adopted in the AEC industry, thus, enabling the projects to continue in a digital and virtual environment eliminating the risk among the team members to meet and work together. The companies who have created this new shift pattern have already taken their first step towards digital transformation.

The sooner the adoption and implementation of digital technology, the better will be the results for the AEC industry to cope up with the worst-hit effects of Pandemic and get back on track.

Perhaps, Covid19 is a situation that can influence the AEC industry to embrace BIM implementation seriously.

Kindly go through: “A Transformation Road Map [Info graphic]” of Redshift by Autodesk.



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