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LOD Querying Checklist - An assistant for BIM projects

An introduction to the Level of Detail (LOD) querying checklist

BIM Implementation 3D / VDC Project
Published: 14/12/2020

The term Level of Detail (LOD) is not a new one for anyone who has been participating in BIM projects. But there is still a different understanding between the parties in each project. This article helps you know better about different LOD throughout our real-life BIM projects. Finally, there will be an introduction to the Level of Detail (LOD) querying checklist. It is an assistant to determine clients’ requirements before commencement.

1. Understanding LOD throughout the BIM projects

Scan to BIM project for Office Building with LOD 300

The project consisted of the Revit modeling for a 9-story office building with LOD 300. We modeled all architectural, structural, and MEP elements i.e. facade, ceiling, framing, duct, pipe, conduit above ½ inches.


3D BIM Coordination Project for Hospital Building with LOD 300

The hospital project included Revit modeling, MEP coordination of the kitchen area. We later exported shop drawings of the plumbing system for the client as well. Besides, we involved in 360 simulations of the patient room, operating room, and hall. All models were created with LOD 300.


Scan to BIM project for Laboratory with LOD 300 and 350

The scope of the project comprised Revit modeling of interior Architectural and MEP systems. All models required LOD 300. Strikingly, we needed to model the medical dryer with LOD 350. The pipe system had to be properly named and classified with the label on the pipes.


Scan to BIM project for Administrative Building with LOD 400

The administrative building project included Revit modeling for Architecture, Structure, and MEP. Besides, our team was responsible for making annotations of plans. Include floor materials, door tags, key plans, drawings, elevation materials. All models required LOD 4 in the UK standard. It’s also the highest quality in the UK.


2. LOD Querying Checklist – An assistant to clarify clients’ requirements

Knowing the right clients’ requirements is important. Let’s imagine that your client has asked you to develop a BIM model with “Level of Detail (LOD) 350”. You and your client all know about the concept of LOD 350. But it is still can not ensure that both you and your client are getting the same understanding.

Thus, it’s necessary to clarify the LOD requirements with clients before modeling. Besides, a BIM project can have various LOD needs depending on each area or position. By using the LOD querying checklist, the modeler will define the required LOD of each building element. The client can confirm or feedback on what the modeler provides. In this way, you can avoid confusion or debates between the client and the modeler. The following is an example of a LOD Querying Checklist we’ve used in Scan to BIM projects.


When every requirement is clearly defined, the process of modeling gets started. In the process of modeling, the modeler uses the 3D view, the section to review LOD, and use Schedule to analyze LOI requirements.

Obviously, understanding the required LOD is important in each BIM projects. Using LOD, designers and engineers can work with other stakeholders about the usability and limitations of a model. 



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