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Artificial Intelligence - The New Future of BIM


BIM Implementation Strategies Infrastructures
Published: 21/12/2020

BIM processes these days have become much more efficient and streamlined compared to what is used to be in the early 90's, all thanks to the new involvement of AI and ML intro the construction modules.

How well can AI assisted BIM perform within the construction industry?

  • From Land Surveying to laying down pipes,
  • From Accident Prevention to Efficient Project Management
  • From Design Visualization to Design Implementation,
  • The growing use of AI in the Industry seems to be trending and thereby enhancing the productivity of the involved stakeholders.

Benefits of BIM with AI?

B : Building 

  • AI can help in an effective base formation for a robust building design, AI can help in detecting leakages and pointing out errors in the AEC industry.

  • The Integration of AI has not only helped in planning a sustainable structure but has also helped in engineering the implants creatively with the projects via AI automated tools. 

I : Information

  • Prevention is Better tha Cure is something the AI has been quite efficient in handling.

  • Information for faults, cracks, and loopholes can nout only mitigate the crisis of constructive development but also help in the mitigation of any hazards os accidents especially if it is a sensitive construction area/site that requires proper safety handing. 
M: Modelling

  • Dreaming a model and planning the same on the ground, in reality, requires extensive efforts and engineering skills. Gone are the days of using the age-old AUTO CAD and Revit Softwares.

  • With AI, the modeling can reach far new heights, with new suggestions for improvements, solutions for implementation, and recommendations for sustainable models.

  • The algorithms are framed to detect the undetected skins that can go missed by manual sighthings or via the use of some age-old BIM modelling software (software can definitely not do what these miniature AI bots can do).

  • The buzz has been true for many reasons, the growing reliability, the growing subsistence, the growing trend, and efficiency all togethe of the BIM insdustry.


How can AI be useful for the future planning of BIM modelling?

  • AI is the future in itself. The recurring life- cycle management expenses of the models can be reduced sustantially. The cost-cutting is another feature that can aid BIM Modelling in the future. Not only this Manual tasks can be replaced by these AI modulated software thereby sinking in the all term long cost for the industries accounted for the employee management and employee-centric expenses. 

  • Human's cannot update themselves at the pace these AI softwares can. With the addition of new and nes segments, AI can completely take over the BIM industry handling operations more wisely and efficiently.

Construction, planning and post construction

  • AI can seemingly and smoothly be dragged with the construction stage planning to the post construction stage management facilitation. It has great computational speed and power to detect the far future and the vagaries of the constructed structure via BIM Implementation. The model can be stacked well along with the 3d blueprints, Designs, Maps, Internal structure components and so on. 

  • Forecasting and Scheduling Tasks can just be so easy with the all-new AI development in the industry. Minimizing mistakes thereby improbing the speed of project completion can be very well expected form these AI bots.

  • The technological advancements, like a modern building, soundproof construction, premodular assemblies, nanomaterials, 3D structures, Digitization all can be imbibed with ease all beacuase of the existence of AI in BIM.

  • The growing AI is something that can definitely not be missed by any BIM Industry, be it be a small one or a large multi-dollar working group. AI can beat all segments and win all the construction modules, what is just required is constant upgradation and specific segmental implementation. 

  • Unleashing the new future of AEC and BIM Industry stands here all with the new AI technology thereby taking the construction industry from poorly managed work to an efficient automated enhanced work. 

Forward with BIM & AI

AI with BIM is definitely the new future and a reliable choice of course!



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