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Creation of a Floor from a Topographic contour plot

BIM Implementation Project
Published: 21/01/2021

BIM Automation is not new anymore. The use of Revit softwares and the use of Dynamo is something mostly BIM Engineers are familiar with. The Growing Automation in the AEC Industry is not just easing the task of Construction but also increases productivity. 
BIM Automation removes the redundancy of repetitive tasks, hasty calculations as well as reporting. The classy softwares of AutoCAD Revit and Dynamo can be helpful for the entire gamut of generative design and structures for the project.
New  technological advancements in Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC)  design has  brought the ‘level of automation’ as  a pivotal factor in the success  of BIM process and projects. One of the key debates in  ‘effective automation’  lies in its congruence throughout the AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) projects.

What does BIM Automation does for firms? 

  • It enhances the output levels align with a high accuracy achievement 
  • It Reduces Human Error which may creep in due to manual modelling of the project.
  • It facilitates cross- discipline design coordination among the team and the project manager indeed.
  • It eases the task of any technical amalgamation with Business Processes.
  • Not only this, it offers a high level computational value for the project in terms of managing technical costs and clashes all in one frame.
Using Design Automation, the ability of the user to automate the project related tasks within the parametric model by calling parameters via automated scripts is enhanced. Not only this, the relative ease of tasks increases a flow as well as productivity. The data and geometry are outcomes of the automatic execution of a set of rules and can use traditional modeling elements as inputs. This is usually done with the help of either Revit or Dynamo.  The computational aspect of BIM Modelling describes a process for execution of AEC Components with utmost reliability and evaluation of design outcomes

BIM is gaining worldwide attention due to the in outs of the technological output and evolution for an enhanced connectivity of the project via various tools so as to speed up the flow along with a reduced cost and elimination of error. The future looks bright in terms of BIM and its automation.

One of our UK based client architect wanted us to create floor from the topography contour layout which had multiple elevation points (levels). MaRS BIM Solutions has created this script to finish days work in hours only.

It is time consuming & lengthy process to create Floor with correct levels according to the finish surface manually in revit. Might take Hours.

So, we had used finished Contour CAD file for crating the finish Topography of site & then created a Dynamo script to create the floor levels according to the Finish surface of the Topography. Hours of manual work completed in minutes by using Dynamo.

First we did for one parking area and after successful running of this script, we applied the same to entire floor. 


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