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Published: 15/07/2019

POWERBIM is a web-cloud application created to manage BIM models and their components with databases. With POWERBIM we can analyze and connect all kind of data sources using the latest 4.0 technologies, geometry visualization and Project/BIM management functionalities.

POWERBIM matches with the concept of DIGITAL TWIN, which consists in using digital models that are similar to the real ones to monitor their behavior, perform simulations, connect IOT devices or sensors among others, so that the end user can use the digital twin to manage the real assets and register the data and usability for all the lifecycle of a project (design, construct, operate)

The tool is already working to manage digital models from the design phase for architects and engineers, to the construction phase, for construction companies and facility managers, and “in use” and operations phase, for end customers. In this last phase it is in which POWERBIM will undoubtedly have a greater impact for companies using digital models with connected data.


POWERBIM is provided as SAAS solution integrated with two cloud services: Autodesk BIM360 hub and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. So BIM models can be managed using BIM360 Docs with all the features available for BIM collaboration, workflow, issues management, sheet generation automatically, etc. and Data Sources can be managed separately from multiple sources (excel, access, sql, json, xml, google drive repositories, sharepoint, other ERP cloud solutions) by doing data mining, processing and preparation automatically from POWERBIM.

POWERBIM automates the connectivity with BIM models and any kind of source of data (including IOT streaming data) and allows the user to connect bim model databases with any other kind of external database or service using data. The result for the client app is the model/asset visualization (autodesk forge ) linked with data visualization (power bi). From this core basis we can merge all kind of funcionalities to improve the usability for specific disciplines and purposes, some of these extra functionalities already working or in our road map are:

- Federating models online with the database generation for the fededated model.

- Comparing versions by federating them and comparing the databases.

- Using the app to create rulesets of data to compare with data results from models, so the tool can be used as a BIM quality control from the data analysis.

- Placing and editing (moving, rotating, scaling) objects online to a existing project.

- Issues management from BIM360 use and from POWERBIM, linked with BCF (bim collaboration format).

- Facility management tools and space management for assets based in COBie classification system.

- IOT data integration and IOT remote control for devices, to convert POWERBIM in a DIGITAL TWIN app to analyze and control the real asset.

Obtain all the information from POWERBIM contacting us in or

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