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Difference between Shop Drawings & IFC Drawing

Shop Drawings and Ifc Drawings

Lean & Industrialized construction Classification IPD
Published: 19/09/2021

What is Shop Drawing ?

Shop drawings are a set of drawings which provide the details of various components that help in the construction of a project.

Shop drawings might be prepared by contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers or fabricators

What its relate to ?

They by and large identify with pre-created parts, showing how they ought to be produced or introduced. They take design expectation drawings and particulars arranged by the Project Design group and foster them to show exhaustively how the segment will really be produced, manufactured, gathered or introduced.

Need of Shop Drawings?

Shop drawings may be ready for segments, for example, underlying steelwork, reinforcements, lifts, building service equipment, machines, ventilation work, windows, plumbing, windows, cupboards, electrical and information formats, fire protections, etc.

What it comprises of?

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The title of the project
Project number
Names of the contractor, subcontractor, manufacturer, supplier and separate detailer, wherever applicable and necessary
Order of sequence and sequence number for each drawing
Identification of all materials and products with their dimensions
Relation of various components to adjacent materials and structures
Applicable building standards
Axonometric Views (give the fabricator a clear picture of the whole part)
Orthographic Projection(Most parts are best understood by illustrating them with perspectives that are 90° rotated from each-other)
Sectional Views
Assembly Drawings
Tolerance Specifications

What is IFC Drawing ?

It is the short form of “Issued for construction”. This is the drawing is given by the consultant for construction purposes as well as preparation of shop drawings to the contractor. Some times for reference purposes and information purposes drawings shall be issued. They are known as “Issued for reference” (IFR) and “Issued for Information” (IFI) respectively.

Purpose ?

Issued For Construction which is Issued by Consultant to the Contractor as part of contract documents and reference to prepare Shop drawing for the Site Execution Purpose.

What it contain ?

It contains the general drawings that are analyzed by contractors to produce a more detailed shop drawings.


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