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Criteria and checklist for choosing a BIM tool

Criteria and checklist for choosing a BIM tool

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Published: 12/10/2021

Building Information Modeling, BIM for short, describes a method for the optimized planning, execution and administration of building objects with the help of appropriate software.BIM is not software, but a method. The successful use of BIM software only works if the working methods and the cooperation of all project participants change.

However there are checklist for selecting BIM Tools which are listed below 

Visualisation :
Does the able to display the geometry of models and customize the view of the model. ?

Comment :
Able to leave comments in different forms for further processing 

Meta Data :
Showing the meta data when selecting the element 

Edit :
Modify the properties of the elements of a model.

Overlap :
Load multiple discipline models simultaneously and display them in a single view 

Clash :
Does the software has functionality that allows a clash check based on the geometry of the elements of a model.?

Communication :
Does the tool Connects to administrations that permit correspondence with project members straight forwardly through the tool.

Mobile :
Does the tools also prepared for the mobile access 

Does the tool has many language support ?

Does the tool have specific capacities with a reference to the idea of 4D planning .
Does the tool have specific capacities with a reference to the idea of 5D planning .

 Will the tool save a readable file format to an alternate file format 

Could the fundamental programming be supplemented by plugins or add- ons , subsequently growing the scope of capacities?

Does the Tool give an API that permits a devolper to get to an access of the tool?
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