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Performance of Clash Detection (Revit, Navisworks & Dynamo)

Clash Detection (Revit, Navisworks & Dynamo)

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Published: 27/09/2021

What is Clash Detection?

Clashes can be a particular issue where multiple disciplines are working on different aspects of the same project. Whilst in theory, BIM should reduce clashes by bringing together the entire design team to work on one collaborative, co-ordinated building model, BIM Level 2, allows disciplines to work on separate 'federated' models that are only brought together to create a single, complete model of the building at key stages. The building information model may also be broken down into volumes to allow more than one person to work on project models simultaneously, or to ensure that file sizes are manageable. This increases the likelihood of poor spatial coordination.

Why the Clash is Important?

Clash avoidance and clash detection must, therefore, be carried out as an integral part of the entire design and construction process, from defining standard methods and procedures and establishing a BIM volume strategy, through specialist design and the creation of a virtual construction model and should continue during the construction phase itself as models are updated with as-constructed information. This requires that models are updated quickly so that the impact of changes on subsequent works can be checked.

Revit :

We can run the clash detection in Revit through Interference Check



The interference check embedded within Revit.
Ability to export the result to HTML file


You can’t find the clash easily in the views.
You need to select element by ID each time for each clash to isolate and solve it


Export the model in the 3D View to Navisworks using external tools (In the add-ins tab) make sure to disable the analytical before exporting, then Open it in Navisworks



Results of Clash Detection


Ability to add tolerance and choose the clash type.
Ability to export the result to HTML file.
Gives full details about the clash.


Need to export the model to run the clash detection.
You need to select element by ID each time for each clash to isolate and solve it.

Dynamo :


The idea behind using dynamo is to build script that automate the process of clash detection with creating selection box views for each clash.


- Embedded in Revit.

- Full automated detection process.

- Ability to run the clash detection host model with linked models, as well the host model with itself


- You can’t set tolerance

- Sometimes you need to run an interference check again.

Revit Navisworks Dynamo
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