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Point Cloud to BIM LOD 400 for a Heritage Monument Built in 16th Century, UK


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Company: Hitech CADD Services
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Year of the project: 2014

Overview of the Project:

Basically, the project was associated with the Heritage Monument building based in the UK which builds in the early 16th century. In order to privilege the traditional cultural identity of the building in accordance with contemporary renovation, and facility management condition laser scanning was used to obtain 3D point clouds through 3D surveys measurements, which were then transposed into overview pictures and planned for instance of the building model.

Client Profile:

Leading 3D Laser Scanning Service Company based in the UK

Client Requirements & Problematic Statement:

The client had requirements that a building structure would be the same existence structure via 3D BIM process. Also, added the digitized replica of the heritage building for renovation, maintenance, & facility management.

The client needed BIM LOD 400 of 580,000 Sq. ft. area within 2 months the span. We have to record and maintain the architectural features of the monument built. Also, they require each point cloud data size is approximately 200 GB that is much greater.

Our Inputs & Solution:

According to the requirements, we allotted 8 highly skilled BIM modelers who are expertise in virtual construction and point cloud to 3D model. We’ve got the inputs scan data from the client side. Our BIM experts started work immediately due to the less time period of delivery, we did the BIM conversion of scan data to 3D BIM models for the heritage building. Our engineers have manually modeled the components right from the start by making cross sections, and Revit families which were parametric in nature. With a sharply detailed quality assurance process, agenda in place and use of plugins like Model Checker – Revit API, precise geometry in modeling was completed.

Advantages & Industry Data:

  • Documentation of the renowned heritage building.
  • Insights to multiple factors through BIM Model like quantities, material consumption, time to renovate the building and manpower cost

Client’s testimonial is everything:

“The project was a stepping stone to the next level of BIM model and architects at Hi-Tech assisted us in completing the project. We, along with Hi-Tech or due to them, became a part of the prestigious restoration project of international importance.”

Type of Work
  • Civil work
How was the BIM Experience in the project?
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Waste reduction, labor costs and deviations
Greater control of the construction process
Improves collaboration between agents
Conflict resolution and clash detection
Correction and error handling
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