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Formwork Construction on BIM 360 for Commercial Office


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Company: Hitech CADD Services
Location: Ahmedabad, India
Year of the project: 2019
A leading formwork production company situated in Netherlands, faced challenges of getting accuracy in modelling formwork for 22 storeyed commercial building. They needed accurate 3D models of formwork in BIM 360 along with general arrangement fabrication drawings (GA’s) with part count which showed the overall structure or composition of the building.

Our Solutions and Approach
  • Our team reviewed the input files sent by the client in .pdf format in BIM 360.
  • The IFC files were imported to Revit to create a fully functioning BIM product from scratch in Autodesk Revit.
  • Revit families were created on the request of the client.

The deliverables to client included:

  • A 3D model with formwork in Revit with LOD 450 and all necessary supporting parts. The 3D models included accurate component sheets, floor plans, and detailed sheets with accurate dimensions. Every schedule plan was color-coded.
  • Accurate count of all the parts used in project to execute onsite on a daily basis
  • General arrangement drawings (GA) of every wall with precise details
  • Accurate and precise production drawings.
This assisted the client company to make their production more cost-effective. Earlier they had a manual BIM ecosystem, which was not accurate and showed a 20% gap.

With the daily data sent to client in BIM 360 and Revit in cloud platform, they were able to access it anywhere on any device and jump into production right away.

Business Impact
Hitech created a 3D model with general arrangement and fabrication drawings with part count for each wall and tunnel that saved the client on time and cost. BIM 360 enabled the client to access all files easily make modifications as per their requirements.

3D modelling in BIM 360 facilitated the client in smooth and hassle free documentation, with full sheet setup. The client was extremely satisfied with dynamo automation and the proactive approach of Hitech.

Complete understanding and recording of the end-to-end process/solution and the use of BIM 360 along with automation tools resulted in reducing production time by 20% approximately and output quality to 100%.
Type of Work
  • Building
How was the BIM Experience in the project?
Reality Simulation: Does it help to get an idea of the final product?
Waste reduction, labor costs and deviations
Greater control of the construction process
Improves collaboration between agents
Conflict resolution and clash detection
Correction and error handling
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