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BIM Came in Handy for Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion


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Company: Tejjy Inc.
Location: Washington, D.C., United States
Year of the project: 2020
Published: 24/06/2020

Tejjy Inc. implemented Building Information Modeling for the expansion of the Water Purification Plant in the City of Houston, USA.

Project Facts at a Glance:

  • Project Name: Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion (Building 213)

  • Project Location: City of Houston, Houston Public Works, USA

  • Client Company:  Industrial and Municipal Supply

  • Project Type: Industrial

  • Trades Covered: Steel Support, Piping, Fabrication

  • Materials Involved: MS, Copper, PVC

  • Team Size of Tejjy Inc. – 3 Engineers 

  • Project Specialty: 

  • Small piping for process plant

  • Use of prefabricated modular construction technique through BIM

  • Unique Feature of the Project:  Development of Fabrication Drawings, Pipe Spool Drawings & Process Equipment

  • Purpose of Construction:  New process plant expansion for the city of Houston

  • Number of Buildings: 4 Buildings with different process equipment

  • Levels of Building: 2

  • Start Date of the Project: 16th January 2020

  • End  Date of the Project: 28th February 2020

  • Start Date of the Actual  Construction: 21st February 2020

  • Date of the Final Construction: On-going

  • Stakeholders Involved in the Project: Houston Waterworks Team - A CH2M & CDM SMITH Joint Venture

  • Role of Client: Pipe Subcontractor 

  • Software Applications Used for the Project: Revit, AutoCAD

Project Scope of Work Executed by Tejjy Inc.:

Tejjy Inc. uses Revit for creating the 3D BIM Model to meet the project objectives like:

  • 3D Revit Model Creation for Coordination and Shop Drawings

  • Constructability Review (Model Update to reflect changes resulting from Design Changes, RFI Generation & Update)

  • Clash Detection & Mitigation

  • Coordination of Piping & Process Equipment

  • Fabrication Drawing Preparation

  • Spool Drawing for Pipes

  • Quantity Take-off

  • Pre-fabrication & Modularization

Project Challenges & Solution: 

  • Challenge 1: Fabrication Drawing Creation

  • Solution: Team of Engineers at Tejjy Inc. developed a standard for executing the Fabrication Work.

  • Challenge 2: Coordination of Piping & Process Equipment

  • Solution: Engineers of Tejjy Inc. detected pipe clash in the pump room using 3D BIM Model and processed equipment with the pipe.

  • Challenge 3: Incomplete Information in the Model

  • Solution: Using BIM Constructability Review, the Engineers of Tejjy Inc. have found that the line & pinch valve are not updated in the model and don't have adequate space.

Benefits Obtained by the Project Owner from BIM Implementation:

  • Coordination of Piping & Process Equipment

  • Generation of Exact Quantity of Pipes & Equipment for Order Placement

  • Improved Understanding of the Fabrication Process 

  • Optimized Operational Efficiencies for Fabrication

  • Dimension Correction as per P&ID (Piping & Instrument Diagram)

  • Complete Information Management through BIM Model

ROI from BIM:

Tejjy Inc. saved the time and money of the project owner throughout the building lifecycle by developing the perfect design and drawings through BIM. The technology helped to simplify the project work-flow using Revit BIM Model for coordination. 

Percentage of Benefits to the Owners (%), from BIM Implementation:

  • 100% Reduced Document Error

  • 96 % Reduced Rework of the Fabricator 

  • 10 % Reduced Construction Cost by Not Ordering Excess Quantity

  • 15% Faster Project Completion through Accurate Drawing Creation

Result of BIM Implementation

  • Using BIM, we could easily produce quality output with less effort

  • Enhanced quantity of production at lesser time

  • Detected accessibility issues, saving time for rework

  • Identified space constraint and facilitated waste elimination

  • Facilitated design disciplines to collaborate as a single information platform 

  • Improved work efficiency, reducing errors & verifying aesthetics 

  • Ensured ease of access for maintenance provisions & facility management

  • Saved Money through Pre-fabricated Modular Construction Model

Northeast Water Purification Plant Expansion Project

Project Snaps

Type of Work
  • Building
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