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Day Care Design through BIM in the DMV Area!


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Company: Tejjy Inc.
Location: Washington, D.C., United States
Published: 15/10/2020
Tejjy Inc. facilitated several small businesses to realize their dream for the Day Care Establishment in the DMV area! In the last two years, Tejjy Inc. has designed and built over four daycares in Montgomery County, Takoma Park, and Washington DC. Most of these Day Cares were designed in BIM (Building Information Modeling) to host kids from toddlers to the 2nd grader.

Scope of Work for the Project:

Each location designed through BIM and construction facilitated by Tejjy included:

  • Designs

  • Permitting

  • Construction Management

Day Care Projects Executed by Tejjy Inc.:

  • Little Village Muddy Branch, Busy Bee in Rockville

  • Montessori School at Takoma Park

  • Day Care at NW Washington DC

Challenges Entrenched in Day Care Establishment Resolved by Tejjy Inc.

  • Careful Inspection of Code Compliance:

When it comes to daycare, county officials examine the code compliance very carefully, considering all the latest & greatest safety along with the code compliance in the right place before the jurisdiction provides the approval to build.

  • Lack of Knowledge from the Clients:

In most cases, the clients are not too knowledgeable before the onset of the projects and hence have many hopes before getting the final approval to start the construction process. Each site, as well as each location, comes with its own set of challenges.

  •  Other Challenges:

Fire Safety of the building, including building type and other significant items in the ADA access.  When the two requirements get integrated into the building space, 90% of the issues get resolved faster.

Recent Day Care Projects Undertaken by Tejjy Inc.:

  • Converted an equipment rental place to 50 plus kids daycare

  • Executed a church in Rockville to a 50 plus kids days care

  • Undertaken a store in Takoma park to a Montessori daycare

  • A liquor store to daycare in DC

Tejjy Inc. – the Perfect Recourse for Permitting & BIM Design:

Are you going through challenges of daycare establishment and not sure of who can help you in your permitting and design? Tejjy Inc. – a proficient BIM (Building Information Modeling), Engineering, Construction Management, Permit Expedition & Architectural Services Company based in Washington DC has the apt experience in the formation of educational institutions in the USA and so can provide you the right solution in this regard.

Consult the BIM, Engineering, Permit Expediting, Construction Management & Design-Build Experts at 202-465-4830 / 240-899-7711 and [email protected] or, [email protected].


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