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Digital Construction & BIM - 30 MLD CETP Project


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Company: MaRS BIM
Location: Katihar, India
Digital Construction & BIM – Driving Infrastructure Projects

The construction sector in India is the second largest industry after agriculture, accounting for 11% of the country’s GDP (McGraw Hill, 2014). There is a clear need for efficient delivery of projects in our industry, driven by the adoption and implementation of BIM tools and Lean practices.

Challenges to BIM Adoption

While large companies are increasingly using BIM on large project sectors such as hotels and airports, it is not currently being adopted on a wider scale. This implies that as an industry adopting BIM, we are still at a very nascent stage. Despite the extent of knowledge and tools available, there is a clear gap in the industry which is hindering their appropriate adoption and implementation.

Case Overview – MaRS 30 MLD CETP Project

MaRS BIM Solutions i one of the more renowned names in the Project Management Consultancy domain in the state of Gujarat, is working on numerous government infrastructure projects across the country.

As a name known for driving change in the industry, MaRS is yet again at the forefront – pushing technological adoption and implementation towards efficient project delivery.

On one such project, MaRS is transitioning towards a BIM-based PMC approach for a 30 MLD CETP project. As part of this project, MaRS is acting not only as a Solution provider but also as an expert consultant for accurate and efficient deployment of BIM. This entails preparing a BIM Execution Plan, clearly highlighting the stages of required BIM model Level of Development (LOD) in conjunction with the constructability schedule.


Lean-BIM Integrated Live 4D

With the BIM model elements linked to the execution tasks, any update from site is visualised directly on the model. This generates 4D BIM which is not only an accurate representation but also a LIVE review of the progress on-site.

The supervisors update their work status directly from the site using the Mobile App. This has enabled live monitoring and immense convenience for sharing notes and images of the work being executed.


Seamless Client Reporting

Enabling collaborative planning, BIM model development, and seamless progress visualisation in 4D, the team is able to release weekly and monthly progress reports at the click-of-a-button to update the Client.

These reports contain progress updates, visualisation of project status on the BIM model, as well as site images for accurate correlation.

This auto-generation of reports, with data captured seamlessly from site, has reduced a significant amount of wasteful man-hours. With the added advantage of having accurate visualisation of site progress, MaRS has minimised information latency from the entire process.


There is a requirement for a wide range of projects across various sectors to be explored, along with organisations of varying nature. Specifically, there is a need to tap into a wider range of the market, that will eventually enable the organisations and Clients, specifically, to understand the business benefits of investing in BIM and Lean Construction on their projects. For this, a fundamental shift in business practices is required.

Type of Work
  • Civil work
How was the BIM Experience in the project?
Reality Simulation: Does it help to get an idea of the final product?
Waste reduction, labor costs and deviations
Greater control of the construction process
Improves collaboration between agents
Conflict resolution and clash detection
Correction and error handling
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