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Using Laser Scanning for BIM Project in Baltimore, USA


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Company: Tejjy Inc.
Location: Baltimore, United States
Year of the project: 2021
Published: 20/05/2021

Tejjy Inc. captured detailed information about the building elements in physical space and enabled accurate BIM modeling and coordination. The 3D scanning process provided by Tejjy Inc. facilitated different stages of the commercial construction, including 3D modeling, visualization and quality inspection. Tejjy Inc. developed the Laser Scans for the 3D model creation of the Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection elements of the buildings like exterior & interior walls, windows, doors, ceiling, curtain walls, floors, roof, structural column, wall, beam, slab, bracing, trusses, roof framing, ducts, pipes and other equipment.

Project Specifications:

  • Project Location: Baltimore, USA

  • Sector – Commercial Construction

  • Number of People worked: 4

  • Number of Building Involved: 1

  • Levels of Building: 16 floors, approximately 10,000 sq. ft. in each floor

  • Start Date: 3/19/21

  • End Date: On-going project

  • Services Involved: MEPFP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection), Architecture, Structure

  • Standards of Process Considered for Project Execution: AIA BIM standard, Cobie Standards

  • Work Process: Reality Capture - Digital Survey Data- BIM Model- Cobie Data

  • Software: Autodesk Recap 360

  • LOD – 300, 400

Project Specialty - Point Cloud conversion to 3D BIM model

Point Cloud conversion to 3D BIM model played a significant part for the renovation work of the existing building. Tejjy Inc. developed all required elements in 3D, based on individual scan data for the modeling of all services.

Scope of Work for the Project executed by Tejjy Inc.:

The BIM modelers of Tejjy Inc. captured the existing condition of all the levels of the buildings, with laser scanner in an accurate manner (within 2mm tolerance) and converted it to point cloud. The data is then delivered in Autodesk Recap format for viewing the construction progress in the VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) report. Tejjy engineers also updated missing information, preparing the final As-Built model as per the site conditions, as well as the final BIM model for Facilities Management Process.

3D Modeling of building elements as per point cloud scans with exact location & specifications for various services, including:

  • Architecture – 3D modeling of door, windows, walls, etc.

  • Structure – 3D BIM modeling of beam, column, slab, equipment pad layout, wall, etc.

  • Plumbing – 3D BIM model creation of pipes, fittings, valve & accessories.

  • Mechanical – 3D BIM model creation of pipes, duct, fitting, accessories, valves & mechanical Equipment

Project Challenges:

The monitoring of the construction progress and controlling the site changes were a bit challenging. As a result of which, it was essential to have a single source of on-site information for matching the construction schedule. Most information was not updated in the BIM platform, which is necessary for the final model update, as per the site conditions. The client wanted the final deliverable to have a single source of accuracy with all information to make it compliant to Cobie Standard for Facility Management.

Solution to Challenges:

Tejjy used laser scanning for the required areas, converted the point cloud into a 3D BIM model and provided the Facility Management model to the client.

Problem Solving Approach undertaken by Tejjy Inc.

  • Reality Capture

  • BIM Conversion

  • FM (Facility Management) Model Presentation

What are the problems resolved by Tejjy Inc. for the owners?

  • Tejjy Inc. transferred CAD files into BIM platform

  • Updated the exiting BIM as per site condition

  • Delivered the final BIM model with COBIE standard for facility management

Benefits provided to the client from Point Cloud BIM Modeling Services:

  • Accurate 3D model creation of architectural, structural and MEP-FP services for renovation from laser scan data, enabling reliability and quality assurance 

  • During renovation, construction scan to BIM model provided an improved platform for preparing details of design work for extension

  • As Built Drawing Preparation from Point Cloud for the sake of Plan, Elevation & Creation of Section Sheets for Architectural, Structural & MEP

  • Improved transparency and collaboration with 3D visualization for quick decision making during the renovation & extension phases 

  • Elimination of RFI's, work stoppages and rework by checking the accuracy and completeness of 3D Model from laser scanning data.

Deliverables from Point Cloud to BIM Services for Architectural, Structural & MEP Services:

  1. 3D BIM Modeling at LOD 300 & 400 Level 

  • 3D Models are created using Building Information Modeling based on point cloud scan data for enhancing transparency & streamlining communication for quick decision making during the as-built phase.

  • Quality models delivered by Tejjy Inc. BIM engineers, ensured that the building components are created intelligently with the practicality to serve the purpose.

  • Parametric modeling, containing real-world information is significant for calculations, building analysis & simulations.

  1. As Built Drawing Creation from Point Cloud 

  • As-Built Drawing Preparation from 3D BIM Model for building floor plans, elevations and section sheet for architectural, structural and MEP services, served as a detailed reference tool to facilitate future building planning including extension, renovation & redevelopment from point cloud data. 

  • As the details about the building dimensions, fabrication, erection, elevation and material location could be obtained from the BIM As-Built Drawings, the clients used them for resolving disputes about insurance claims.

Point Cloud to BIM Workflow Implemented by  Tejjy Inc. - Using the latest Autodesk Recap Software Application, Tejjy Inc. visualized and navigated point clouds in a proper way. ReCap Photo, an Autodesk 360 service design facilitated in creating high-resolution 3D data from the photos for enabling clients to visualize and share 3D data. Moreover, by applying the power of the cloud to process and store huge data files, Tejjy Inc. BIM modelers could upload images on Autodesk 360 and instantly create a 3D mesh model.

Work Process

  • Point Cloud Data Insertion 

  • Modeling as per Architectural, Structural & MEPFP Services 

  • Clarifying Hidden Areas

  • Creating an Assumption Log for Interpretation

  • Quality Checking for Missing Elements & Deviation between the Laser Scan & BIM Model

  • Submission of the Final Model for Review & Feedback 

Value Addition to the Project with Laser Scan to BIM Modeling:

1. Reviewed interdisciplinary coordination as per Scan data

2. Accurate 3d modeling of Architectural, Structural & MEPFP services for renovation & extension from laser scan data with reliability & quality assurance

3. Enhanced transparency & streamlined communication amongst stakeholders with 3D visualization for quick decision making during the renovation & extension phase.

Type of Work
  • Building
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