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Modular MD Hospital Project by MaRS BIM


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Company: MARS BIM
Location: New York City, United States
Year of the project: 2020
MaRS BIM is a leading provider of multidisciplinary BIM services in the United States. We recently worked on the Modular MD Hospital project, located in New York, providing BIM services to the client.

Scope of Work

MaRS BIM provided the following BIM services to the client:
  • 3D views
  • Sectional views through the structure
  • Plan of typical modular, roof, building section, building elevation, room elevation, typical corridor, door and window detailing, electrical and fire protection plan, foundation plan, wall and ceiling details, mechanical plan, plumbing and sanitary plan, etc.
  • Schedules
  • 3D renderings
  • 3D walk-through

Challenges Faced

During the project, we encountered a few challenges that required our attention. One of the main challenges was the coordination of various disciplines involved in the project. As the project involved multiple stakeholders, ensuring seamless coordination among them was crucial. We overcame this challenge by using BIM tools and techniques to coordinate and collaborate with different stakeholders, resulting in a well-coordinated design and construction process.

Results Achieved

Through our BIM Services, we were able to achieve significant results for the Modular MD Hospital project. Our BIM models helped the client visualize the project in a more detailed and comprehensive manner, resulting in improved design decisions. Additionally, our services helped identify and resolve conflicts and errors in the design, saving time and reducing rework costs. Furthermore, our BIM models and simulations helped the client understand the performance of the building systems, leading to optimized energy and operational efficiency.

Project Value Addition

Our BIM services added value to the Modular MD Hospital project in several ways. First, our services helped reduce project costs by identifying and resolving conflicts and errors in the design phase, which would have been costly to fix during construction. Second, our services helped accelerate the project timeline by improving coordination and collaboration among stakeholders, resulting in faster decision-making and construction. Third, our 3D BIM modeling and schedules helped the client understand the project's design and performance in greater detail, leading to a better-informed and more satisfied client.

Client Testimonial

According to the client, "MaRS BIM provided excellent BIM services for our Modular MD Hospital project. Their 3D models and schedules helped us make better design decisions and identify potential issues early on in the project. Their services also helped us save time and money by reducing errors and rework costs. We highly recommend their services to any construction project."


The Modular MD Hospital project demonstrates the benefits of using BIM services for construction projects. MaRS BIM provided comprehensive BIM services to the client, resulting in improved design decisions, reduced costs, and optimized building performance. Contact MaRS BIM to learn more about our BIM services and how we can help your next construction project.
Type of Work
  • Building
  • MaRS BIM
How was the BIM Experience in the project?
Reality Simulation: Does it help to get an idea of the final product?
Waste reduction, labor costs and deviations
Greater control of the construction process
Improves collaboration between agents
Conflict resolution and clash detection
Correction and error handling
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