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5 breathtaking buildings made with the power of BIM

In this new delivery, we gathered the most outstanding buildings and how BIM helped during the design phase

Published: 06/11/2018

Country: Spain

As we showcased in our previous article, BIM has proven to be a save time and powerful tool. It has the ability to provide a wide scope of the entire project process, but also to create impossible architectural works. In this new delivery, we gathered the most outstanding buildings and explained how BIM helped during the design phase. 

1. Lørenskog: Norway's first indoor ski resort in Oslo


Today, a huge indoor ski hall is built at Lørenskog. The 50,000 square meter building has exterior walls that lend inwardly and costly facade elements of aluminum, polycarbonate, dry stone wall and glass fields. The architect's vision was a melting glacier. "It looks like a glacier melting a bit in the spring," says project manager from Betonmasthæhre Romerike, Erlend Nicolaisen.

But how do you actually build an indoor ski resort with a cost of NOK 800 million? TU Bygg met the project manager in the project's bracket rig to get the status of the 500-meter long building that seems good from the E6 when driving from Oslo to Gardermoen. 

2. V&A Dundee Museum: Shaping the sea


Located on the shore of the Tay River, the brand new V & A will become one of the most astounding buildings to open in 2018. The design by Kengo Kuma was inspired by the Scottish cliffs and it's also a nod to the form of the RRS Discover, the last traditional wooden ship built in Britain, now turned into a tourist attraction. 

The building stands 18.4m high and has three floors. With no straight lines in the external walls, nearly 2K precast panels in order to look like a cliff.

3. BI City. Astana. Kazakhstan


BI City - this is a new landmark real estate project in Kazakhstan with the slogan "City of Capitals" and represents the projected area elaborately, each area of which will be in the style of a particular capital of the world.

4. BIM for renewable energy: the shell of the Keselstraße hydropower plant


The element that immediately catches the eye in the new central on the river Iller in Kempten is the dynamic and elegant shape. The "shell" of sculptural form, almost 100 meters long, brings to mind many associations of ideas: from whales to ships, to smooth stones. The plant replaces a building from the 1950s and supplies energy to around 4,000 households, with a capacity estimated at around 14 gigawatts per year.

5. BIM for the redevelopment of the Unipol Group building in Milan


The project of the new headquarters of the Unipol Group in Milan, by Progetto CMR, is part of the old "Isola -De Castillia" Integrated Recovery Plan of 2006, located near the Porta Nuova area, considered one of the more relevant redevelopment interventions in recent years as a perfect union between Milanese identity and European vision. 

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