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TOP 10 Case Studies in Europe that showcase the power of BIM

Europe has been very active in the implementation of BIM for public projects

Published: 26/06/2018

Country: Spain

BIM is growing both in fame and followers. There are more and more buildings that use this methodology to reduce time, costs and predict future problems along the project. Despite not being mandatory in Europe, the UE approved in 2014 an initiative to promote BIM implementation in public projects. Leading actors like the Nordic Countries, the UK or Germany have become the perfect spot to find some of the best BIM case studies. 

We have gathered the TOP 10 projects carried away in European countries:

1. The Clichy-Batignolles, a sustainable, net-zero carbon city neighbourhood of Paris 


The 54-hectare neighbourhood located in the 17th district in city's north-west will become the new home of nearly 8.000 residents, and the workplace for more than 12K. The project won the Sustainable City Grand Prize in the international Green City Solutions Awards.

The area includes a theatre, cinema, a judicial centre and more than 200K square meters of housing with a large square metre park. Leaving aside the houses, the complex will be completed by 

2.A lively area of London's West End, Rathbone Square in the heart of Fitzrovia


Great Portland Estates company decided to adopt the BIM methodology from the early start to bring to life their vision for Rathbone Square. This allows them to work with built asset before the real construction process began. 

Located in the heart of London's West End, the Rathbone Square has become a space for offices, retail outlets and residential apartments, surrounded by a new garden square. 

3.Manchester Town Hall Complex & BIM


The main goals of the project, according to the Construction Director Alan Garbutt, was to speed up the delivery of services in a more faster, cheaper and more efficient way. BIM created an asset information model that contained all the information of the design, construction, specification and operation of the construction project. 

The Manchester City Council project began in 2010 and was completed four years after. It also included the whole redesign of the town hall extension and main library. 

4.Easton Commercial Centre in Helsinki


Designed by Lahdelma & Mahlamäki, the Easton Helsinki shopping centre includes 66,000m2 to celebrate the identity and culture of the city's eastern districts. It brings together not only healthy food locals but also local vendors and business in the same place. 

Shopping centres are complex projects and because of that, the constructor company decided to work with a centralised BIM model that included the façade system or the environmental conditions of each shop. 

5.The Napoli Afragola train station in Napoli


Designed by the Zaha Hadid Architects, the 30,000 square metres structure is located near the Naples city and its form suggests the lines of a speeding train. It will host an elevated number of travelling passengers along eight train tracks.  

The project will work as a key rail interchange for the south of Italy; four high-speed intercity lines, three inter-regional line and local commuters. It will also stimulate economic growth across the region.

6.The city of Justice in Cordoba


The new Ciudad de la Justicia in Cordoba (Spain) is a new example of how BIM can help finish projects on time. We're talking about a €55 millions project with an extension of 50.895 square meters that used BIM along the coordination phase, clash detection, modifications of the project and 4D planning.

7.The House of the Future in Berlin


Presented as a combination of both museum and a technical laboratory for innovations, the building is located in the Berlin centre. The Schüßler-Plan had the challenge to build from the drawings by the architects Judge Musikowski, particularly the free-floating staircase and the sophisticated technical aspects of the buildings. 

8.BBVA city in Madrid


A new BIM building has been built in Madrid. It has a large extension of 251.000 square meters and has the capacity to host up to 6.000 people. BIM was used to develop a preconstruction model that allowed the SENER company to understand the space of the building elements. The implementation of this methodology was a challenge for the constructor because it meant a change of mind in the way of working. 

9.The Waterford Court House in Waterford, Ireland


The BSI team were invited on site recently to the Waterford Courthouse, part of the Courts Bundle PPP project awarded to BAM Ireland to find out more. BIM is driving efficiency within BAM Ireland, and how BSI Kitemark™ for Design and Construction is delivering value for BAM and its supply chain.

10.Victoria Gate shopping centre in Leeds


With a cost of 165 million pounds, the Victoria Gate Shopping Centre opened to the public in 2016. It is one of the largest establishments across the UK and it includes a total of 30 shops, restaurants, a casino and a parking for 800 cars. The BIM helped to coordinate the facade, steelwork and MEP and civil engineering.

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