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5 Ways BIM Services Help Execute Construction Projects Efficiently By Developing 4D BIM Models

Published: 11/01/2021

Country: United States
3D models have revolutionized the working of building industry over the years, and now 4D and 5D BIM models promise to take it to the next level. The post discusses the advantages of using 4D BIM for your building projects in 2021.

Top vendors providing BIM services have changed the face of the building industry by making the construction process better planned and more cost effective during the last few years. This new-age technology is still constantly evolving and BIM services providers promise to further revolutionize the working of the industry by developing 4D and 5D BIM models that will take it to the next level in 2021. The new development in BIM technology has the potential to integrate the information rich 3D BIM models with additional dimensions of cost and material estimations and accurate time scheduling. This can help you manage the effects of change in orders on costs and scheduling in a more efficient manner. Poor communication, bad data management and rework often result in heavy losses to individuals and organizations, and building industry overall. The extra powerful 4D and 5D BIM models have the potential to reverse this worrying trend, but let us first try to analyze the main reasons for this overrun of cost and schedules:

  • You don’t focus on accurate project planning before starting construction
  • You don’t possess sufficient data, so project estimates are inaccurate during pre-construction stage
  • You don’t plan in advance to be ready for change in orders
  • You don’t have an efficient system in place that causes administrative errors due to system flaws and also human errors
  •  You don’t streamline processes that results in poor operational workflow
In this situation, experienced BIM services vendors can assist you in execute your construction projects in an efficient and timely manner by providing intricate 4D BIM models. 4D scheduling techniques help builders and contractors keep their projects on schedule. 

These latest BIM models provide viable alternatives to address your project requirements and help you overcome any unexpected or unforeseen challenges. 4D BIM goes step farther than 3D BIM and supports accurate information collection, and enables you to prepare clash-free construction scheduling. 

Let us have a look at the ways 4D BIM models can help you execute your projects more efficiently and effectively.

1.      Time related information for better scheduling

BIM services providers develop 4D BIM models containing information about schedules of building products. A visual in step-by-step method is created providing an accurate overall picture for the construction team. 4D BIM incorporates time related information for various building components, like lead-time, construction time, time for drying and mixing, and time schedules for executing different services.

2.      Effective planning

4D BIM technology takes into account the geometry, logistics, resources and timelines to facilitate effective planning on when equipment is needed on site. The whole operation is managed around the parallel construction activities going on in the project.

3.      Makes sure schedules are adhered to

The scheduling data generated by 4D BIM models can be easily converted into graphical design. This allows you to compare the scheduled plan with the actual status on the ground. You can always make slight adjustments to stick to the original plan.

4.      Optimal utilization of resources

4D BIM generates well-planned in in the form of graphs and datasheets lends greater visibility and allows you to mobilize and plan resources in a more efficient manner. This helps you in achieving greater operational efficiency and meeting your deadlines.

5.      Better coordination

Last but not the least, 4D BIM minimizes rework and ensures that every single worker on site is aware of their work during a particular phase. This helps contractors link this with the activities of other disciplines resulting in better interdisciplinary coordination. Thus, 4D BIM models developed by BIM services providers go a long way in ensuring a flawless execution of construction projects.


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