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The contributions of the BIM model in real estate development

Successful real estate development: accurate predictions, costs and reduced times.

Published: 07/05/2022

Country: United States
Within the digital transformation of architecture, BIM (Building Information Modelling) is one of the most important and revolutionary models.

It is a collaborative methodology that allows the centralization of all project information between different three-dimensional constructions modeling software.

These tools (for example: Revit, ArchiCAD, or AllPlan) are designed to facilitate interoperability between stages and between different teams. They allow collaboration in real time, updating changes automatically. These systems are extremely beneficial for architects, engineers and builders, however, they are also beneficial for real estate development teams.

Benefits of BIM

The Revit BIM Modeling is extremely positive for the construction industry. Among his most important contributions we find:

  • Holistic view of the project: with BIM, all the relevant data coexists on the same platform, and any change introduced by the work team is reflected in real time. This facilitates a more intelligent management of information throughout the life cycle of the project, and allows a more integrated view of it.
  • Continuous workflow: BIM implements a workflow that goes from project conceptualization to post-construction documentation. Data centralization allows all stages of the project to work without interruptions, reducing construction times and associated costs.
  • Sustainable architecture: through BIM it is possible to know in advance the energy impact of a work; Through different evaluations, the results are measured, allowing the construction of more efficient and respectful works with the environment, and especially relevant for the development of bioclimatic projects.

Specific contributions to real estate development

However, apart from all the benefits mentioned above, there is also a great value marked for the real estate sector:

  • BIM is a digital solution that not only makes work and exchange between professionals who contribute to a project (engineers, architects, other types of consultants) more productive and easier, but also collaborates by predicting construction times and costs. This is great news for developers, as such variables can be powerful selling points when it comes to getting investors.
  • In addition to predicting, this methodology saves time and costs due to its collaborative nature and focused on testing and digital modeling. Some of the software tools that BIM uses, such as Ladybug Tools that work in Revit, are dedicated to simulating changes in temperature, pressure and weight. In this case, thanks to the tool, each of the structures and materials and their interconnection with each other can be tested in scenarios that mimic reality. This saves on setbacks, to sustain cost and time predictions, and to improve imperfections in the structure itself.
  • Finally, the software displays information about the actual parts that are required and explains the build processes, making it easier to hire and work with suppliers (and, again, post-design times). For example, imagine that the project advances to the construction stage and that the design and engineering are stipulated in one way and the team hired to build it in another: this would be a problem that is foreseeable when we have the information that guides its construction. Work, as well as the specifications of the parts in case they have to be replaced or rebuilt. This is central to real estate development, facilitating cost establishment as well as asset management and maintenance.

Benefit from BIM

Although downloading the BIM methodology tools can be very simple, they are oriented towards a new architecture and aimed at new working methods. That is why it must be taken into account that a team of professionals will be necessary to guide the process from the training or the work itself.

At MaRS Trans USA LLC, we are specialists in this methodology, so if you want to take advantage of all these advantages of BIM Solutions for your real estate development, do not hesitate and contact us.

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