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Last trends of the AECO sector

Published: 19/12/2022

Country: United Kingdom
Looking for solutions to digitalise your construction projects? Whether you are a manufacturer, an architect, an engineer or a builder, there are solutions for all types of construction professionals.

Let’s find out which solutions you can implement to digitalise your construction projects!

1) Implementing Building Information Modeling in your construction projects

The BIM methodology allows a virtual representation of manufacturers’ products and materials used in construction. Composed of technical specifications and 3D modelling, designers, architects and engineers upload BIM objects to fill their digital mock-ups.

There are many advantages to this methodology! BIM is the ideal tool to anticipate the viability of a building and to have a more rigorous follow-up of a construction site. It also reduces design errors and improves productivity and communication during construction. By using BIM, it is also easier to determine the roles of the different actors in a construction project. BIM also allows the use of structured and accurate data to ensure that information is exchanged without loss.

These benefits are driving more and more governments around the world to implement policies and regulations for the deployment of BIM solutions in construction. According to Allied Market Research, Denmark, Spain and Italy have made BIM 100%, 93% and 82% mandatory respectively.

2) Ensuring the digitisation of manufacturers’ product catalogues via a public and cloud platform

Manufacturers sometimes struggle to digitalise their products. And yet, they have a lot to gain by doing so! Why? Because BIM revolves around the data of a building. And these buildings depend to a large extent on the characteristics of the products installed.

So to build ever more efficient buildings using BIM, the AEC players who collaborate in this process, namely architects, engineers and construction companies, greatly require product information… from manufacturers. According to Harvard Business Review (2020), 73% of AEC organisations say that having a highly collaborative relationship with manufacturers is extremely or very important to the success of their construction projects.

The role of manufacturers in this process is therefore essential. They are the most likely to provide reliable and quality data for engineering and architectural firms. Therefore, by digitising their product catalogues in BIM format, manufacturers will be more likely to be contacted to be part of engineering and architectural projects. It’s a win-win situation!

But how do you digitise your products? With the public and Cloud platform, manufacturers of all types can publish their products in 3D format. In this way, they are visible and downloadable free of charge by the building industry, which needs them to feed their digital models.

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