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Common Myths about BIM

Published: 19/01/2023

Country: United States
Thinking about implementing BIM? Worried about what to believe and what not to when it comes to successful BIM implementation? BIM is essential for AEC professionals as it has digitally transformed some of the most significant challenges like as project estimation, quality control problems, scheduling, etc. Governments of many leading countries across the world are adopting BIM. Governments are mandating BIM in projects as implementing BIM successfully streamlining the various construction processes and increase productivity. Despite so many benefits, many common myths have kept many companies hesitant in implementing BIM in their projects. Here, we will be debunking ten of the most common misconceptions and myths around BIM. This blog will be the ultimate myth buster when it comes to BIM Engineering Services

BIM is a way of 3D Modeling
BIM isn't only about making a visual depiction of the physical and functional aspects of a building. The 3D model is one of the most apparent visual elements of the building's design, but it is one of many functions BIM offers. Many construction professionals think BIM creates the design in three dimensions, while it provides a system where all the stakeholders involved in the project can work collaboratively. BIM helps to develop digital datasets with graphical and non-graphical data.

Implementing BIM is expensive.
Most of the people reject the idea of implementing BIM because they feel implementing BIM is quite costly. There is undoubtedly an upfront cost when we adapt to any working methods changes, but these are countered by long-term performance and benefits. The effectiveness of BIM depends on the representation of particular data and able to make data-driven decisions. It is essential to understand that effectiveness in processes also decreases overall risk and saves a lot of production cost.

BIM influences productivity
One of the biggest myths regarding BIM is it takes longer to bring efficiency. It is a big misunderstanding that BIM negatively affects productivity in the construction site. We must not expect any radical change in the process to reap results instantly. But when given an appropriate amount of time, planning, investment resources, BIM pays off in the long term. It not only pays off the investment but streamlines a lot of processes resulting in greater efficiency.

BIM is only for 'significant' projects.
One of another misunderstanding is that BIM is for complicated projects only. Complex and large projects are more challenging and time-intensive, so BIM is more effective for bigger projects. However, construction issues in every project tend to remain the same. BIM improves competence in calculating design cost and saving time on measuring and estimating the project cost. No matter what the project size is, BIM offers value to all.

BIM is just a software.
Another reason why people debate on BIM is, they think it's just software that needs to be installed. This Myth particularly needs to be essentially changed. Implementation of BIM helps in collaboration between all the stakeholders involved in construction; it's a process, not software. BIM is not software but a wave of change that alters the traditional ways of designing and construction. BIM is a collaborative method of communication and optimizing the design and construction process.

BIM is Complicated
Many believe that BIM is way too complex. This is not true. BIM is not at all complicated; however, it needs proper training and education, though. BIM offering companies also offer extensive training to make things as simple as possible. The training is fully regulated with BIM standards. To bring any sort of changes in the organization, BIM companies like Pinnacle Infotech, we do proper research and then planning before implementing BIM to any construction project. So, BIM is not at all complex to learn.



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