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2017 buildingSMART International Standards Summit

The agenda will be structured around the buildingSMART domains such as building, airport and road & rail infrastructure

Published: 02/10/2017

Country: United Kingdom

buildingSMART International will hold, from October 30 to November 2, the next International Summit in the prestigious Institute of Engineering & Technology in London, United Kingdom. 

The agenda of the event includes topics such as the development of open digital standards for improving the design, building and management of assets in the built environment. Not only technical creation activities, there will also be room for those who already use and receive the benefit of working with OpenBIM with regard to their assets. Therefore, the agenda will contain the following aspects: Building, Road & Rail Infrastructure, Product, Airport, Regulation and Construction. 

October 30: Digital building, professional certification, and openBIM Awards

Main personalities from buildingSMART Internacional such as Richard Kelly and Richard Petrie will open the plenary sessions on the first day to welcome guests and to introduce the main key points of the agenda. Following that a quick view of the AEC sector in United Kindgom, with Mark Bew talking about Digitally Built Britain, and Anne Kemp, with the status of openBIM in the English country.

The session will also include time to discuss more technical aspects such as data dictionary, delivered industry solutions, software certification IFC4 Launch and Professional Certification with Mark Baldwin. The day will finish with the openBIM awards ceremony. 

October 31 & November, 1: Technical and user rooms

As usual, the next two sessions will be focused on technical rooms that will be divided into different topics: Building, Infrastructure, Product, Regulatory, Construction and Airport Room. You can check the whole agenda here.

November 2: IFC, partners update and conclusions

The last day of the Summit will include the conclusions from the buildingSMART leaders, Richard Petrie and Richard Kelly, that will also explore the Standards Program. After that, time to talk about the new improvements regarding IFC  and the introduction to the EU BIM Handbook by Adam Matthews. The day will conclude with the room summaries and a closing lecture with Susan Keenliside from the Canadian chapter. 

Barcelona, home of the last buildingSMART International Summit

The Mediterranean city of Barcelona was the chosen one to hold the last Summit, that gathered a lot of professionals around Technical and Users Rooms about the most recent standards, tools and projects. With more than 318 attendees, the appointment proved to be an important tool for the AEC industry towards the digitalization and the use of the latest technologies. BIMCommunity attended as Media Partner and had the chance to spoke with the main leaders of the industry. 

The whole recap of the event:

A few words with Richard Petrie about collaborative standards and the importance of openBIM

Mark Baldwin and the Professional Certification Program

Sarah Merz, from the German chapter, talked with us about the BIM Standard Certification for individuals


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