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Mars Home Planet 3D Modeling Challenge

The goal of the project is community-based design of a utopian urban society on Mars for 1 million humans, in 3D.

Published: 06/02/2018

Country: United States
The goal of this project is community-based design of a utopian urban society on Mars for 1 million humans, in 3D. Think about a cool or innovative design in your area of interest or expertise, and bring it to life with your favorite Autodesk 3D software and HP Z Workstations. Autodesk software and HP Z Workstations are recommended but not required to enter.

Do you spend your days designing buildings in Autodesk Revit? Think about how one million people will live on Mars and design a Martian community, in Revit. Prefer to design vehicles and machines? Go ahead and design a futuristic Martian transporter in Fusion 360. Are you a Maya or 3ds Max guru? Create a surface to orbit transportation system. AUTOCAD Wizard? Create Martian furniture or a low gravity skateboard. Civil3D pro? Design the smart city of the future.

The rules are: respect the physics of Mars, use your imagination, and have fun! See the Requirements for complete details. For inspiration and ideas, reference the Mars Home Planet Concept Challenge winners and over 450 amazing submissions.

Don’t be intimidated, as you don’t need to go at this alone. It’s easy to form a team with your friends, colleagues or schoolmates. You can even form a virtual team with anyone, anywhere, from the Launch Forth community.

Membership has its privileges! As a member of the Mars Home Planet community, you have exclusive access to Autodesk software training from Global eTraining, Autodesk trial software, a special “Mars” Edition of How It Works magazine. See the navigation bar on the left for all the goodies.

The best for last: In addition to the amazing HP Z Workstation prizes, winners of this competition will have their 3D models brought to life by the Mars Home Planet community in the Mars VR Experience project. Winners will also have the claim to fame of being judged by the most amazing, talented, and accomplished Jury, including:



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