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Published: 01/10/2018

Country: Spain
Stay tuned with the latest news of the construction sector, curated by BIMCommunity’s editors. We collected the most read, the brand new content and the latest BIM opportunities posted on the website.

Most read content on BIMCommunity

Productivity in construction (English). The concept of productivity, as has been defined by the National Commission on Productivity is a measure of how many goods and services are produced with a number of inputs, such as labor and capital. Consequently, if this increase is because they have obtained more goods or services with the same resources.

The new headquarters of Siemens Building Technologies (BT) will be built with BIM (Spanish). Often the buildings cost more and take longer to build than expected. The reason? Contractors do not coordinate their assignments and errors are found in an advanced stage. However,  there is now a solution called BIM, a technology that optimizes planning and construction through transparent data flows.

7 software BIM you must know (Spanish). A list of the most important software used in BIM, specialized for projects of small to medium scale. 

Research about 'The influence of Cloud Computing on BIM Level 3' (English). One of the key aspects of implementing BIM Level 3, which is also referred to as iBIM, is Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is described as a novel technology, which requires further developments within the construction industry.

Brand new content on BIMCommunity

The UK BIM Alliance goes back to the basics with their new guide for BIM newbies (Spanish). Digital methods provide a change in the value and productivity but are not yet being adopted by public and private clients, as they are not aware of this value. In a way, they feel bewildered by this change requires effort and additional costs by suppliers, who have already asked to start work otherwise. 

How is BIM in Holland? (English). When we talk about BIM, we often wonder how countries such as Finland, Singapore or the UK are managing its adoption. However, there are many other corners of the world where enormous efforts are being made to implement this methodology in the construction sector; a good example of this is Holland.

A group of craftsmen uses BIM for an energy renovation (English). To simplify the renovation and installation of the technical equipment of this Toulouse home, six companies have used the modeling software Recap Pro and collaborative platform Kroqi.

V&A Dundee Museum: Shaping the sea (English). Located on the shore of the Tay River, the brand new V & A will become one of the most astounding buildings to open in 2018. The design by Kengo Kuma was inspired by the Scottish cliffs and it's also a nod to the form of the RRS Discover, the last traditional wooden ship built in Britain, now turned into a tourist attraction.

BIM for the redevelopment of the Unipol Group Building in Milan (English). The project of the new headquarters of the Unipol Group in Milan, by Progetto CMR , is part of the old "Isola -De Castillia" Integrated Recovery Plan of 2006, located near the Porta Nuova area, considered one of the more relevant redevelopment interventions in recent years as a perfect union between Milanese identity and European vision.

BIM for Airports (English). A brief overview of Bentley's powerful capabilities of Interoperability for Airport design.

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BIM Manager, Manchester (UK)

BIM Coordinator, Dubai (UAE)

BIM Manager, Barcelona (Spain)

BIM Team Lead, Cochin (India)

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