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“Our vision of advancing professionals with the required skills is something we are driving with our Training Partners”

Rishabh Tandon, Manager of the Academic Programs, Institute Programs at Bentley Institute warns about the growing need for trained professionals

Published: 27/04/2018

Country: India
“Some companies are missing competitiveness because of not implementing these concepts into their projects lifecycle”. This was Rishabh Tandon’s response when asked about the new business opportunities of the companies that have already bet on the implementation of the BIM methodology.

Rishabh Tandon, Manager of the Academic Programs, Institute Programs at Bentley Institute, has developed complete understanding of the education sector by working closely with various stakeholders at all the levels. Besides this, as he highlights on his presentation: “I have build close ties with key educational institutions across India. I design and manage various education activities. I have rich experience in handling channel and partner network across.”

A gap of knowledge

The lack of professionals skilled to face the upcoming needs of the labour market is becoming more evident every day. “There is a huge gap between what the industry requires and what it actually gets”, states Rishabh.

There are several companies that are currently accepting that they are not able to hire the professionals with the required skills for the positions they need. “These is undoubtedly a lost of time and money. This gap needs to be filled quick and fast. There is a huge lost of productivity in companies that happens because of unskilled professionals” adds Mr.Tandon. 

“It is possible to feel the gap through our Bentley Institute Training Partners’ programs, such as the ones from Zigurat Global Institute of Technology.” Zigurat is playing a crucial role in the global market with programs focused not only on theoretical concepts but also on practice, through the development of real projects with international and collaborative teams. “This kind of program contributes to help professionals that want to be employed and work on international projects.”

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