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Middle East MEP projects to see greater use of BIM and 3D Revit tech

Building information modelling (BIM) and Revit 3D technologies will find more applications on regional MEP systems

Published: 15/05/2018

Country: United Arab Emirates
Bill Jolly, regional director of MEP Solutions at Arcadis Middle East, told MEP Middle East: "In today’s market, clients are pushing to try and deliver projects quicker and at a lower cost than ever before".

"However, with projects becoming more challenging in terms of scale, cost, and technical complexity, the only way in which the industry can achieve this will be through better collaboration, investing in innovation, and working differently than before."

He added that digital technology will play a big part in the regional MEP sector.

The transition from computer-aided 2D designs to BIM is already transforming MEP design practices.

He said: "Over the next 12 months, BIM and Revit 3D modelling will be more widely applied on all MEP systems. Embracing this will help engineering teams to collaborate more effectively around construction and design decisions, find solutions to key project design integration challenges, and, ultimately, create higher quality buildings with consistent and coordinated information.

"The advancement in BIM technology and the increased ability to integrate complex building systems in real time, will also provide an opportunity to disrupt the commercial MEP construction process by building more components off-site."This would provide scope to secure efficiency savings in the complex MEP site works and installation phases and help teams to complete projects quicker than before."

Talking about some of the challenges, Jolly says: "Traditionally, engineers have always been technically very strong and excellent at coming up with design solutions that meet a client’s need. This skillset will continue to be vitally important however in the current economic climate, there’s a growing need for MEP engineers to become more commercially aware in terms of the design solutions they develop. This may require additional training for some professionals."


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