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Published: 22/07/2020

Construction is a complex business with a lot of stakeholders at play: project owners, architects, general contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, product suppliers, the list goes on, with all generating a huge amount of data. Successful project delivery relies on these stakeholders seamlessly collaborating on “one single source of truth” throughout the project lifecycle. However, a lot of construction projects are plagued by information silos and disconnected teams.

According to an FMI Whitepaper, 96% of all data captured goes unused in the engineering and construction (E&C) industry, 90% of data generated is unstructured, and 13% of E&C working hours are spent looking for project data and information. That translates into a massive waste of time and budget.

The main cause of this disconnect is that several different systems, not integrated with one another, are being used simultaneously across the organization’s project management, causing data to be dispersed in multiple sources. These systems are good at dividing the work up into chunks but less effective in making sure everyone’s work fits together. This in turn makes it cumbersome to provide even basic information for end users. Besides this, multiple systems can also lead to complicated working processes. As a result, information is held in separate systems by different teams, causing interdepartmental communication breakdowns and preventing smooth collaboration within the project, hurting both the progress and productivity of teams, and ultimately, the project.  


The key to digitalization is how to manage data and optimize processes

If you want your teams to increase agility and better support project delivery, eliminating data silos is crucial. Integrated cloud-based construction management software solutions help reduce the prevalence of silos in today’s projects and organizations. These solutions allow projects to access the latest project data in real time, share data seamlessly, mitigate project risks, and prevent safety issues, all of which cumulatively allow for maximizing productivity, also known as, the bottom line.

MTWO empowers connected data throughout the lifecycle of your projects

MTWO covers the entire lifecycle of a construction project, helping teams to manage pre-construction planning, construction management, operation, and maintenance on one single platform. The platform manages data from every project, putting it all together so that users can intuitively utilize past results to establish better processes for future workflows.


One platform for the entire project lifecycle with one single source of truth

MTWO is the Complete Construction Cloud for contractors, real estate developers, and project owners – one centralized platform for all stakeholders to collaborate at every phase of the building process, from initial concept to completion. Powered by one single source of truth, the platform supports real-time enterprise-wide collaboration with data that can be trusted.


Real time data capture and update with cloud-based platform and mobile applications

MTWO is a cloud-based platform with integrated mobile applications, enabling a single source of truth for efficient collaboration. With MTWO mobile applications, field crews can access on-demand project information fast, capture data in the field, track assigned tasks, and fill out reports without shuffling through spreadsheets or emails. Data is automatically updated on the MTWO platform as soon as it’s entered via mobile apps, ensuring that everyone is consistently working from the most up-to-date set of data.

Data visualization and easy reporting with business intelligence

With MTWO Control Tower, executives can work with deep levels of data instantly without having to be data scientists. The interactive dashboards give team members the necessary real-time, structured information to know project performance in scope, costs, schedule, and safety, just to name a few, both overall and in detail. Teams can gain better visibility over the projects and operations and take proactive actions.

Documents managed on one central location

With MTWO's comprehensive document library, all users have one central location to manage and share forms and records across the entire asset lifecycle. When users upload files from relevant modules, the system will automatically categorize it into project level for easy look-up.

Risk detection and trends prediction with artificial intelligence

By analyzing your historical data, McTWO artificial intelligence provides predictions, forecasts, and recommendations for teams, allowing them to make the right decisions. For instance, McTWO predicts the impact on project cost and schedule that defects or issues bring to the project. McTWO Chatbot enables users to access project information such as business partner evaluation, material cost calculation, and project milestones within seconds. By analyzing defect attributes, McTWO makes predictions, which can be updated in the MTWO Control Tower.

MTWO Cloud makes it much easier for teams to collect, analyze, share data and take actions so stakeholders can focus on more valuable and strategic work. When collaboration is simplified, teams can be more proactive, not reactive. One single source of truth increases collaboration among different teams for more informed decisions. Digitizing and structuring the data is an essential step for an organization’s digital transformation.

MTWO Complete Construction Cloud


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