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How 3D BIM Modeling Benefit the Construction Industry

BIM Implementation Planning & Budgeting Lean & Industrialized construction Infrastructures
Published: 04/11/2019

Construction industry has seen a radical shift from using draft
tables to now working mobile on their tablets. Use of BIM has hastened the
construction industry giving a rise to multiple ways of creating building
drawings. With technology advancements, 3D BIM modeling has changed the way
architectural designs worked in old times. 3D modeling or representation is one
such method that covers even the smallest detail of construction project and
represents it in a calculative form and this exactly looks like a 3D model of the
planned building structure. Gaining extensive stature and acceptance, 3D BIM
modeling has delivered extraordinary benefits to construction business.

  • Firstly, 3D BIM modeling is a significant invention that has made
    construction tasks easier and better.

  • 3D BIM modeling enables architects and designers to analyze the
    potential real construction challenges and clashes in the design phase so that
    it can be resolved in pre-construction phase itself. 

  • Provision of 3D realistic images in comparison to 2D, 3D BIM
    modeling simplifies the visualization of the whole construction structure and
    surrounding space.

  •  Adjoining multiple construction pieces, creation of resembled building
    design is completely real in 3D BIM modeling with animation and lighting

  • Customers can gauge from the 3D model and change their choices in
    case they don’t like the design or direction and can inform constrictors and
    agents beforehand.

 Undoubtedly, the use of 3D BIM modelling will result into better
designing, better understanding and accurate cost estimation. These highly
detailed 3D images provide an exact representation of how the finished product
will look. If there is still any ambiguity on the use of 3D BIM modeling then
you can consulting to experts is a smart decision. Deliver cost effective 3D
BIM models which are designed as per
AIA standards of LOD (Level of Development) 100/200/300/400/500 and
detecting clash by experienced architects and MEP engineers and designers at an
initial phase.

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