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It's sometimes hard to convince people that BIM in itself is extensive & logical in nature

Published: 16/05/2019

Country: India

I am surprised when I come across people yet considering BIM as plainly 3D modelling.

Many people know the full form of this acronym but themselves are not convinced with what they suppose BIM is as it is not just a limited term.

It's sometimes hard to convince people that BIM in itself is extensive & logical in nature.

The full form of the acronym BIM is Building Information Modelling! Many of us know this for sure!

It is a platform, a process, a technology and not a software (which many people assume) that boosts up the project delivery effectively & efficiently.

BIM helps you to envisage virtual model holding data of a construction before it is built on site. Besides, it helps you to predict the clashes and avoid rework. Thus, reducing the conflicts & design changes during construction on site. The digital data stored within each of the elements in the model would help you get answers to the questions related to the Model/Building. For ex. What is this column made up of? What is the wall thickness? And so on with increasing complexities. Furthermore, using BIM has its own benefits at each stages throughout the lifecycle of the Project.

BIM is capable of providing multi-dimensional application for the people who wish to adopt this technology.

There are many software tools based on BIM platform available for AEC industry to help them solve their challenges optimizing time & cost saving reducing wastage.

BIM is a vital component to the digital transformation industry! It would very soon be a norm all over as it has already legitimately risen to power in most of the regions.


Just to add, The BIM adoption in any organisation stands in need of active change management, patience, & acceptance & readiness of users towards BIM with investments at initial stages.

Collaborative procedure models could be pivotal for availing utmost benefits.

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