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4 Benefits of Using BIM For Producing Construction Documentation For Residential Projects

Published: 17/09/2021

Country: United States
Unlike what some people believe, BIM isn’t useful for only large, complex projects, it’s just as useful for smaller projects.

BIM outsourcing companies effectively use this great tool to help you execute even smaller projects flawlessly.

You can use the expertise of reputed BIM outsourcing companies to employ the full range of intelligent tools and features offered by BIM for residential projects or small commercial jobs as well. This allows you to make the building process and facilities management faster and more efficient.

Following is a brief discussion on the benefits of using BIM for preparing accurate construction documentation for your residential projects.

· Providing An Easy Learning Curve:
BIM offers an easier learning curve than most CAD 2D and 3D programs, making it easier to adopt the software. It incorporates powerful tools and intelligent features to make it a pleasant experience for the users, your team would always be excited and keen to learn more tricks available.

· Faster And More Efficient Design/Drafting Process:
BIM outsourcing companies assist you in producing precise CD sets, which is crucial for executing your projects efficiently. Yes, residential projects are smaller in size, yet the details are sometimes more intricate and drawings often require frequent changes and alterations.

BIM allows associating various elements which means that when you change an element, associated elements are altered automatically, saving you time and effort.

If you want, for example, to change the specifications of all toilet and kitchen fixtures, BIM software will complete the job almost instantly without making any errors or omissions.

This is not all, these changes will be reflected in all the drawings-plans, elevations, sections etc., and quantities will also be calculated accordingly.

· Instant Availability of Accurate Details:
Detailed BIM models allow you to extract just about any detail you want instantly. The documentation job thus becomes simpler and easier.

You can instantly extract details like the elevation details of all sides, or dimensions of the terrace or kitchen fixtures.

BIM also allows you to make alterations and extract new details.

· Lifelike 3D Views:
Apart from helping you produce accurate CD sets, BIM models also allow you to obtain lifelike 3D views of a proposed structure. It’s possible to extract drawings and views from any conceivable angle, even from an inside-out angle, so you may give your clients a walk-through experience for a better idea of the design.

Moreover, these drawings and views are always true and provide an exact idea of the end product.

You should work closely with BIM outsourcing companies even for smaller projects like houses and small commercial buildings for better results.

These experienced professionals employ latest BIM software to make your construction documentation job faster, more efficient and accurate, and facilitate a better interface with the clients to give them an exact idea of what they should expect.

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