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BIM object libraries, for quality collaborative projects!

Published: 30/03/2022

Country: United Kingdom
It is still often the case that BIM designers create their models and manage their content on their own, without exchanging information with the other participants in the same project. There is therefore a real problem with the distribution of good practices in the company’s BIM projects. 

Each project is also unique in the world of construction and this complicates the capitalisation from one project to another, which in turn reduces the productivity of the teams. 

What if BIM project managers had access to a space per project in their object libraries, in order to meet these challenges? This article tells you all about project spaces and, most importantly, what the advantages are.

What is a project library?

When working on BIM projects, we have been used to enriching our models with objects from our centralized object library. If we wanted to reuse the same object in two different projects, this was possible, but this object had the same characteristics in both projects, although the latter represented completely different buildings. 

A project space allows, as the name suggests, to obtain a single space linked to a BIM project. No more making a different project A and project B, enriching them with one general space! From now on, each BIM project is carried out with the help of customised objects, which can travel from one project to another, and include only the necessary actors.

Discover all about project libraries in our full blog article


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